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CotMThis month's featured species is Synodontis ansorgii. Are you looking for in-depth on a particular species? Then check out the vast CotM Archives.


Need accurate info and images of a particular catfish species? We have 3,515 species, 15,726 images encompassing 38,339 populations in 4,218 registered aquaria. See also the catfish on stamps, habitat, underwater, video collections and all C, CW, L & LDA numbers.

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Jul 01, 18:17 Common Bushynose Plecos impact to an acrylic tank? by PurecoYSS in Tank Talk. 13 views and 0 replies
Jul 01, 16:50 Hello by Dave Rinaldo in Speak Easy. 26 views and 1 reply
Jul 01, 16:36 Panaque? by Xplode in What is my catfish?. 30 views and 2 replies
Jul 01, 14:42 L183 Plecos by praxis5624 in For Sale (USA & Canada). 123 views and 1 reply
Jul 01, 11:02 Need help saving abused emaciated 15 yr old iridescent shark catfish!!! HELP! by Viktor Jarikov in Asian Catfishes. 2098 views and 92 replies
Jul 01, 09:59 Centromochlus Perugiae spawned by jac in S.A. Catfishes (Everything else). 468 views and 13 replies
Jul 01, 09:49 Cycling predicament by TwoTankAmin in Tank Talk. 69 views and 2 replies
Jul 01, 07:28 Corydoras panda and temperature by MarlonnekeW in S.A. Catfishes (Callichthyidae - Corys et al). 123 views and 2 replies
Jul 01, 05:59 Lac Fwa paper by Birger in Taxonomy & Science News. 44 views and 0 replies
Jul 01, 04:25 Got to respect them goldfish sometimes... by Richard B in Speak Easy. 108 views and 3 replies
Jul 01, 01:02 What does your username mean? by naturalart in Speak Easy. 2712 views and 70 replies
Jun 30, 23:44 Which Auchenipterids are being kept by PC members? by Jools in S.A. Catfishes (Everything else). 182590 views and 2318 replies
Jun 30, 22:26 Unknown Uruguayan Ancistrus(3) by tr6 in What is my catfish?. 429 views and 7 replies
Jun 30, 22:25 Removed Species in Error by Jools in All Resolved Issues. 57 views and 2 replies
Jun 30, 20:18 Wanted CW009 by Aquaticus in Wanted (Global & Rest of the World). 75 views and 2 replies
Jun 29, 23:38 How old are your fish? by Bas Pels in Speak Easy. 552 views and 8 replies

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