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CotMThis month's featured species is Leiarius marmoratus. Are you looking for in-depth on a particular species? Then check out the vast CotM Archives.


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Feb 13, 00:26 offered as Ossancora eigenmanni by Jools in S.A. Catfishes (Everything else). 16 views and 3 replies
Feb 13, 00:08 New Olyra by Silurus in Taxonomy & Science News. 99 views and 4 replies
Feb 12, 22:56 Fish baby's third plenary session by onlywyh in S.A. Catfishes (Loricariidae - Plecos et al). 199 views and 13 replies
Feb 12, 19:27 How to add cooler water? by Ronngaribaldy in S.A. Catfishes (Callichthyidae - Corys et al). 119 views and 11 replies
Feb 12, 19:18 Sungai Setulang, Kalimantan Utara by Silurus in Travellers note book. 93 views and 12 replies
Feb 12, 15:52 HMF Questions by bekateen in Tank Talk. 803 views and 21 replies
Feb 12, 15:39 wanted oak pleco caves for L397 in uk. by pleconut in Wanted (UK & ROI). 203 views and 5 replies
Feb 12, 14:12 Over amorous male ABN is scaring the life out of my female ABN. by pleconut in S.A. Catfishes (Loricariidae - Plecos et al). 77 views and 7 replies
Feb 12, 10:36 Central California gets to hear Ingo Seidel, Nathan Lujan and Go Wild Peru's Michael Barber by bekateen in Speak Easy. 221 views and 1 reply
Feb 12, 06:29 Bristle nose plecos by pleconut in Other Catfishes. 69 views and 2 replies
Feb 12, 04:15 Importing your catches back into the USA by bekateen in Travellers note book. 193 views and 8 replies
Feb 12, 00:44 BNs can be aggressive killers? by pleconut in S.A. Catfishes (Loricariidae - Plecos et al). 223 views and 10 replies
Feb 12, 00:10 Syno very plump and not growing by jim barry in African Catfishes. 238 views and 14 replies
Feb 11, 22:09 Silver and brown Banjo catfish by Silurus in What is my catfish?. 74 views and 3 replies
Feb 11, 18:53 Genetic structure and phenotypic variability in Chiloglanis anoterus by Silurus in Taxonomy & Science News. 134 views and 2 replies
Feb 11, 18:12 Synodontis melanostictus? by smitty in What is my catfish?. 86 views and 3 replies

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