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Scientific Name Pseudacanthicus sp. (L065)  , 1990
Common Name(s) L065, Blizzard Cactus Pleco
Mustang Cactus Pleco
Pronunciation SUE dah KAN thi cuss
Etymology Pseud- Greek: False, Acanthicus - Greek: Spiny, Thorny. Literally "False Acanthicus" referring to this genus being similar to, yet different from, Acanthicus.  
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Size 200mm (7.9") SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp. []
Identification Aqualog matches DATZ.
Sexing Aqualog matches DATZ.
General Remarks This L-number belongs to an obviously young fish. These fish are very variable both in terms of juvenile Vs. adult colouration and simply colouration differences between individuals of the same age!
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Distribution Reportedly from the Rio Tocantins, Pará, Brazil.
Amazon, Lower Amazon, Tocantins (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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Temperature []
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Feeding Carnivore although not a predator, prawns and chopped mussel appear favourites and promote favourable growth. Some vegetable should also be provided and thus balances diet.
Furniture Proportionally sized pieces of bogwood (the fish does not appear to particularly like rockwork) are a good idea as are equally dimensioned pipes. Plants are just a nuisance to this fish and while not orally molested, they tend to be battered by the fishes movement.
Compatibility Generally peaceful but territorial from a young age. Some large specimens are aggressively territorial and may cause problems if housed with other large nocturnal fish.
Suggested Tankmates The temptation with large tough Loricariids is to keep them with other large tough fish such as Oscars or other brutish characters. This actually works quite well with most omnivorous or mainly vegetarian plecos. Pseudacanthicus despite their defensive protection can be bullied by faster moving fish of similar size. They are carnivores and only eat vegetables when their preferred food is unavailable. The amount of waste produced depends on their diet but is considerably less than a Panaque or Pterygoplichthys of similar size.
Breeding Unknown although almost certainly a cave / pipe spawner.
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Registered Keepers (1) Kristofer, (2) Trident2004, (3) DarkAtlas, (4) Tommi, (5) mrwickedweasel (k: 3), (6) Haavard Stoere (k: 6), (7) Altifrons, (8) OlePaulsen (k: 6), (9) bymoor, (10) sfchoong (k: 2), who also notes: "3 inch since 26 Dec 10", (11) plecomanpat, (12) PseudaSmart, (13) Andrewjw (k: 3), (14) catfish4life (p: 2, k: 3), who also notes: "Very relaxt fish, after 2 days they already came out in the open", (15) pleco rob, (16) FreshwaterQWERTY, (17) safrane, (18) recumbent.

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Breeding Reports (1) Andrewjw (b: 41), (2) OlePaulsen (b: 7).
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