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Planet Catfish Announcement: 9 July 2003

The title says it all.
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Planet Catfish Announcement: 9 July 2003

Postby Silurus » Thu Jul 10, 2003 11:21 am

The latest Catfish of the Month is finally online at we return to the ranks of the Corydoradine for a real beauty this time around. Apologies for the late arrival, just settling into a new house and a few things haven't quite settled down yet!

If you haven't been recently, the month of June saw even more new pictures added to the Cat-elog, so, you should go see them! My favourites would either be the Australian Cnidoglanis or the fearsome Asterophysus batrachus with a mouth that makes an arowana look like a neon tetra! Other notable entries include Bagrichthys obscurus, Rita kurtnee and Vandellia cirrhosa.

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