Wanted (UK): Corydoras condiscipulus and/or amapaensis

Items sought in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
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Wanted (UK): Corydoras condiscipulus and/or amapaensis

Post by Mol_PMB »

I'm currently sitting at my desk watching my Corydoras oiapoquensis in a spawning frenzy, and I've got one fry already hatched in the nursery from a little bit of early activity last week.

They share the tank with two Corydoras condiscipulus and a single Corydoras amapaensis which are doing the equivalent of standing in the kitchen at the party. Grumpily sitting there doing nothing, getting jostled by the little ones in their spawning dances, and maybe having an occasional snack...

I'd love to increase the numbers of these bigger Cory, maybe see if I can get them to spawn as well. Perhaps in the wild these sympatric species spawn at the same time? I'm based in Manchester so there's no shortage of premier league fish shops round here, but these species are really hard to find for sale and it seems that fish are not often exported from the French Guiana region.

Has anyone got some captive-bred examples or know of a dealer that can get these?

Many thanks,

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