My BLogs Right Breeding report for Hypancistrus zebra by flatfish

Down Basics
Overview The first spawn was on Saturday 22nd of January 2022. The breeding group consisted of 1 male and 2 females. The smallest male was at least 62mm SL and the smallest female was at least 53mm SL. The youngest adult was approximately 36 months old. The individuals were obtained from Breeder and LFS.
1.JBL Novotab (dry / prepared) daily
2.Repashy community (dry / prepared) few times a week
3.Hikari Carnivore Tablets (dry / prepared) occasionally
Down Water Parameters (at time of spawning)
pH 6.50 to 7.00
Conductivity 100µs to 200µs
Temperature 29.0°C to 30.5°C
Current Medium
Other Water Params 30% water change every week, gravel vac once a month
Down Aquarium
Dimensions The aquarium dimensions were 750mm x 440mm x 400mm (29.5" x 17.3" x 15.7") all Length x Width x Height.
Furniture Fine gravel substrate, several d-shaped and three slate caves topped by a slate tile, small river rocks, and a small piece of bogwood
Filtration Eheim 2213, Hailea RP600, Eheim 1000l/hr powerhead
Lighting None
Heating Eheim Jager 150w
Down Breeding
Behaviour Eight ~2 week old young were discovered while cleaning the tank
Eggs There were 8 eggs laid which were 0.0mm in diameter.
Segregation Young were transferred to a fry raising container floated in the parents tank
14 days
Juvenile sizes 1 month: 0mm
3 months: 0mm
6 months: 0mm
Fry and juvenile feeding Same as adults