My BLogs Right Breeding report for Hypancistrus zebra by Jaz

Down Basics
Overview The first spawn was on Tuesday 23rd of October 2012. The breeding group consisted of 1 male and 2 females. The smallest male was at least 70mm SL and the smallest female was at least 70mm SL. The youngest adult was approximately 5 months old. The individuals were obtained from From 2 different aquarists..
1.Carnivore pellets (dry / prepared) few times a week
Down Water Parameters (at time of spawning)
pH 6.50 to 7.00
Conductivity 200µs to 200µs
Temperature 28.0°C to 29.0°C
Current Strong(air)
Other Water Params Didn't make any waterchanges for few weeks.
Down Aquarium
Dimensions The aquarium dimensions were 650mm x 450mm x 400mm (25.6" x 17.7" x 15.7") all Length x Width x Height.
Furniture Rocks and caves
Filtration Eheim 2252, EHEIM professionel 3 2073
Lighting Few fluorescents.
Heating Internal
Down Breeding
Behaviour Missed the whole thing.
Time to hatch 0 days
Number: 0
Free swimming: 3 days
Segregation Did nothing.
Juvenile sizes 1 month: 0mm
3 months: 0mm
6 months: 0mm
Fry and juvenile feeding As adults.