My BLogs Right Breeding report for Hypancistrus zebra by Jools

Down Basics
Overview The first spawn was on Monday 28th of November 2011. The breeding group consisted of 2 males and 3 females. Additionally, there were 3 unknown individuals present. The smallest male was at least 90mm SL and the smallest female was at least 85mm SL.The individuals were obtained from Rob Graham, F1.
1.Tetra colorbits(US) prima(UK) (dry / prepared) daily
Down Water Parameters (at time of spawning)
pH 6.50 to 6.50
Temperature 27.0°C to 27.5°C
Current Strong
Down Aquarium
Dimensions The aquarium dimensions were 914mm x 381mm x 381mm (36" x 15" x 15") all Length x Width x Height.
Down Breeding
Eggs There were 8 yellowish eggs laid which were 0.5mm in diameter.
Time to hatch 0 days
Number: 3
Free swimming: 1 days
Juvenile sizes 1 month: 0mm
3 months: 0mm
6 months: 0mm