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No. Species Image Size Temp pH IUCN status Keepers
  • Synodontis frontosus
Synodontis frontosus (i:4) 290mm (11.4") No data No data Least Concern 10
2. Synodontis geledensis (i:4) 255mm (10") No data No data Least Concern 0
  • Synodontis punctulatus
Synodontis punctulatus (i:4) 210mm (8.3") No data No data Data Deficient 0
  • Synodontis schall
Synodontis schall (i:23) 370mm (14.6") 22.0-28.0°C (71.6-82.4°F) 6.0-8.0 Least Concern 11
5. Uegitglanis zammaranoi (i:4) 225mm (8.9") No data No data Vulnerable 0