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No.SpeciesImageSizeTemppHIUCN statusKeepers
1. Conta pectinata (i:3)49mm (1.9")No dataNo dataData Deficient0
2. Creteuchiloglanis kamengensis (i:2)No dataNo dataNo dataUnknown0
  • Erethistes horai
Erethistes horai (i:14)70mm (2.8")No dataNo dataLeast Concern0
  • Erethistes jerdoni
Erethistes jerdoni (i:18)30mm (1.2")20.0-25.0°C (68-77°F)5.6-7.6Least Concern0
5. Mystus dibrugarensis (i:2)No dataNo dataNo dataLeast Concern0
  • No Images
Pseudolaguvia magna (i:0)No dataNo dataNo dataUnknown0
  • Pseudolaguvia shawi
Pseudolaguvia shawi (i:21)45mm (1.8")No dataNo dataLeast Concern0
8. Pseudolaguvia viriosa (i:3)No dataNo dataNo dataUnknown0