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No. Species Image Size Temp pH IUCN status Keepers
  • Chiloglanis occidentalis
Chiloglanis occidentalis (i:1) 62mm (2.4") No data No data Least Concern 0
2. Malapterurus barbatus (i:3) 215mm (8.5") No data No data Near Threatened 2
3. Synodontis ansorgii (i:12) 246mm (9.7") No data No data Least Concern 8
  • Synodontis nigrita
Synodontis nigrita (i:13) 275mm (10.8") 21.0-26.0°C (69.8-78.8°F) 6.0-7.6 Least Concern 69
  • Synodontis waterloti
Synodontis waterloti (i:26) 141mm (5.6") 22.0-25.0°C (71.6-77°F) 6.8-7.8 Least Concern 12