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No. Species Image Size Temp pH IUCN status Keepers
  • Ameiurus melas
Ameiurus melas (i:14) 600mm (23.6") 8.0-28.0°C (46.4-82.4°F) 6.0-7.6 Least Concern 34
  • Auchenipterus nigripinnis
Auchenipterus nigripinnis (i:6) 202mm (8") 10.0-28.0°C (50-82.4°F) No data Unknown 5
  • Porochilus argenteus
Porochilus argenteus (i:3) 300mm (11.8") 9.0-30.0°C (48.2-86°F) 7.5-8.2 Unknown 0
  • Silurus asotus
Silurus asotus (i:8) 1000mm (39.4") 5.0-26.0°C (41-78.8°F) 6.0-8.0 Least Concern 3
  • Tandanus tandanus
Tandanus tandanus (i:12) 850mm (33.5") 10.0-26.0°C (50-78.8°F) 6.4-8.0 Unknown 14