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Scientific Name Corydoras(ln8sc4) seussi  Dinkelmeyer, 1996
Common Names C027, Seuss' Cory
Orangefinnet Pansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels (Germany)
Type Locality Small side stream of Rio Pacas-Novos, side branch of Rio Mimoré, near Guajar-Mirim, Rondôndia, Brazil.
Pronunciation sue see eye
Etymology This catfish was specifically named after (dedicated to) Mr. Werner Seuss, a well known German aquarist and author.
Article - CotM 2005 August
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Size 70mm or 2.8" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification Shares a similar colour pattern with Corydoras gossei, which has a rounded snout.
Sexing The males tend to be slightly smaller and more slender than the females. The dorsal and pectoral fins of the males tend to be more pointed than those of the females. Sexing of these catfish is easier when being viewed from above.
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Distribution Rio Poranga a tributary of the upper Rio Negro and the Mamore River basin.
Amazon, Middle Amazon (Solimoes), Madeira, Mamoré (click on these areas to find other species found there)

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IUCN Red List Category Not Evaluated
pH 6.0 - 8.0
Temperature 22.0-26.0°C or 71.6-78.8°F (Show species within this range)
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Feeding Suggested foods are high quality flake foods, sinking wafers, frozen blood worms, grindal worms, tubificid worms.
Furniture Sandy bottom with an open swimming space lined with bogwood and plants to retreat into.
Compatibility Peaceful community fish.
Suggested Tankmates Small peaceful characins or other non aggressive community fish. Keep in shoals.
Breeding Unreported.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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Reference Aquaristik aktuell (Germany) 2/1996, pp 25.
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