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  • Corydoras sp. (C007)
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Scientific Name Corydoras sp. (C007)   
Common Names C007, Misiones Cory
James Bond Cory
Pronunciation Kory DOOR ass
Etymology Cory = helmet, doras = skin. In this case it was incorrectly used to mean armour (cuirasse) instead of skin in allusion to the dual rows of plates that run along the flanks of this genus. 
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Size 40mm or 1.6" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
Identification Corydoras are identified by their twin rows of armour plates along the flanks and by having fewer than 10 dorsal fin rays. They are most commonly confused with the other genera in the sub-family, namely Brochis, Scleromystax and Aspidoras.

Body light tan evenly covered with dark grey spots and blotches. Dorsal with 3 or 4 irregular horizontal bars, caudal fin with 8 to 10 irregular vertical bars.
Sexing Male's have greatly extended first three or four dorsal rays.
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Distribution A first thought to come from Peru, but from recent evidence gained in 2006, this species is only found in the Misiones region of Argentina.
pH 6.4 - 7.7
Temperature 19.0-23.5°C or 66.2-74.3°F (Show species within this range)
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Feeding Will accept most commercial flake, tablet and granular foods. Small crustaceans, worms and insect larvae form the basis of their natural diet and where ever possible should be offered when available.
Furniture Fine smooth sand substrate, other furnishings are unimportant and can suit personal taste.
Compatibility Very peaceful
Suggested Tankmates Any small peaceful characin or cyprinid species.
Breeding Has been bred under aquarium conditions.
Breeding Reports There is no breeding report.
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