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Scientific NameHypancistrus sp. (L411)   
Common NamesL411, Monte Dourado Pleco
Pronunciationhype an siss truss
EtymologyA contraction of the Greek hypo (meaning less than) and ancistrus, an allusion to the reduced number of teeth (particularly in the lower jaw) found in this genus. 
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Size 130mm or 5.1" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationCan be hard to differentiate from L260 [and often labelled as L260]. Juveniles are very similar to L260, but the pattern of this species has an even lines of black and white, where L260 has wider black than white lines. Mature specimens are less contrasty than L260, which makes the distinction easier, however make sure the fish are well settled and unstressed when making this comparison, as both can look quite bland when stressed.
SexingMales have cheek and pectoral odontodes to a larger extent than females, as well as overall body shape shows females as fatter around the mid-section when in good condition.
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DistributionMonte Dourado is a small city on the Rio Jari and from there they are shipped to exporters in Altamira.
Amazon, Jari (click on these areas to find other species found there)
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Temperature25.0-30.0°C or 77-86°F (Show species within this range)
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FeedingA carnivore that takes prepared, frozen and live foods, such as sinking carnivore tablets, frozen or live bloodworms
FurnitureSand, primarily rocks and optionally driftwood. Caves made out of slate plates, bamboo or PVC pipe.
CompatibilitySuitable with most fish, as long as they are not too large or territorial about bottom-space.
Suggested TankmatesSmall tetras and other similar small fish. Also Corydoras. Care has to be taken to ensure that they get enough food, as they can be a bit shy and slow to grab food when available.
BreedingReports say they breed in similar manner to other Hypancistrus - male guards eggs and wrigglers in a cave.
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Registered Keepers(1) jbmm, (2) LoL, (3) Bengt F (k: 12), (4) Tomas (k: 2), (5) Barbie, (6) Qaddiction, (7) gemjunkie, (8) D-styles, (9) Christine, who also notes: "I love the pattern of the skin. Just hope it will be more out in the daytime. Right now it's hiding during the day.", (10) Birger Amundsen, (11) L-ko (k: 10), (12) Juand15, (13) eliy7, (14) djwalker124, (15) skaskankerbr, (16) Vierrollenfreak (k: 5), (17) tvwav, (18) Dixen (DK) (k: 2), (19) Seaokoy, (20) saltcop, (21) discoverry, (22) michele, (23) krzys, (24) st24rsap (k: 109), (25) jasonkhor, (26) Boxy, (27) Billybob, (28) claro, (29) Bjørn, (30) Syokoy, (31) MatsP (k: 5), (32) X-Tank, (33) bottomfeeders (k: 2), (34) AleGer (k: 3), (35) robert521 (k: 4), (36) stensson (k: 4), (37) matti2uude (k: 6), (38) PseudaSmart (k: 4), (39) jeroensten (k: 7), (40) avga, (41) rroomm11 (k: 23), who also notes: "Spawned first time 11.2011, but all was eaten by male. Now spawning about 2 years.", (42) Sanplec, (43) shooter50014 (k: 65), (44) Plecmadmike (k: 7), (45) PNTaquatics (k: 5), (46) djtonyel (k: 4), (47) Zulan, (48) janohansen (k: 10), (49) Zakk Wylde (k: 14), (50) rizla75, (51) Krissy, (52) Rebel00357 (k: 6), (53) Bacce, (54) Kanta, (55) Cory Ben, (56) limed, (57) Nabobmob1, (58) junglejason, (59) rcbows (k: 5), who also notes: "Received today!", (60) PlecosAndLoaches, (61) scandicman (k: 8), (62) Narwhal72, (63) Junglejason, (64) PaperDoves, who also notes: "This one is so reclusive that I forgot that I had him. It's only been a few days, I'm sure that he'll become more comfortable.", (65) SteppingStones, (66) Tony4143, (67) Robindegroote, (68) Italian1026 (p: 2, k: 9), (69) jaenowell (k: 15), (70) xroadiexstevex, (71) FynFisker.

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Breeding Reports(1) Zulan (b: 42), (2) AleGer (b: 39), (3) rroomm11 (b: 28).
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