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1.Acestridium colombiense(i:3, k:0)
2.Acestridium dichromum(i:8, k:8)
3.Acestridium discus(i:1, k:1)
4.Acestridium gymnogaster(i:6, k:0)
5.Acestridium martini(i:6, k:0)
6.Acestridium scutatum(i:3, k:0)
7.Acestridium sp. (1)(i:3, k:0)
8.Acestridium triplax(i:3, k:0)
9.Chauliocheilos saxatilis(i:4, k:0)
10.Gymnotocinclus anosteos(i:2, k:0)
11.Gymnotocinclus canoeiro(i:1, k:0)
12.Hypoptopoma baileyi(i:0, k:0)
13.Hypoptopoma bianale(i:0, k:0)
14.Hypoptopoma brevirostratum(i:1, k:0)
15.Hypoptopoma cf. guentheri(i:3, k:1)
16.Hypoptopoma cf. guianense(i:6, k:2)
17.Hypoptopoma elongatum(i:5, k:0)
18.Hypoptopoma guianense(i:3, k:1)
19.Hypoptopoma gulare(i:8, k:10)
20.Hypoptopoma incognitum(i:4, k:0)
21.Hypoptopoma inexspectatum(i:15, k:4)
22.Hypoptopoma machadoi(i:0, k:0)
23.Hypoptopoma muzuspi(i:0, k:0)
24.Hypoptopoma psilogaster(i:1, k:0)
25.Hypoptopoma sp. (1)(i:6, k:1)
26.Hypoptopoma sp. (2)(i:8, k:7)
27.Hypoptopoma sp. (3)(i:3, k:2)
28.Hypoptopoma sp. (4)(i:5, k:2)
29.Hypoptopoma sp. (5)(i:2, k:0)
30.Hypoptopoma spectabilis(i:8, k:2)
31.Hypoptopoma sp. `PERU(1)`(i:13, k:20)
32.Hypoptopoma sp. `PERU(2)`(i:5, k:0)
33.Hypoptopoma sp. `PERU WHITE`(i:7, k:0)
34.Hypoptopoma sp. `RIO PARANA`(i:2, k:0)
35.Hypoptopoma steindachneri(i:4, k:0)
36.Hypoptopoma sternoptychum(i:5, k:1)
37.Hypoptopoma thoracatum(i:8, k:3)
38.Lampiella cf. gibbosa(i:1, k:3)
39.Lampiella gibbosa(i:0, k:0)
40.Niobichthys ferrarisi(i:0, k:0)
41.Otocinclus affinis(i:2, k:38)
42.Otocinclus arnoldi(i:3, k:0)
43.Otocinclus batmani(i:4, k:1)
44.Otocinclus bororo(i:1, k:0)
45.Otocinclus caxarari(i:2, k:2)
46.Otocinclus cocama(i:28, k:44)
47.Otocinclus flexilis(i:15, k:6)
48.Otocinclus hasemani(i:0, k:0)
49.Otocinclus hoppei(i:8, k:29)
50.Otocinclus huaorani(i:7, k:33)
51.Otocinclus juruenae(i:0, k:0)
52.Otocinclus macrospilus(i:10, k:53)
53.Otocinclus mangaba(i:3, k:0)
54.Otocinclus mariae(i:6, k:36)
55.Otocinclus mimulus(i:3, k:3)
56.Otocinclus mura(i:7, k:4)
57.Otocinclus sp. (1)(i:3, k:17)
58.Otocinclus sp. (2)(i:2, k:1)
59.Otocinclus tapirape(i:0, k:0)
60.Otocinclus vestitus(i:4, k:37)
61.Otocinclus vittatus(i:28, k:204)
62.Otocinclus xakriaba(i:1, k:0)
63.Oxyropsis acutirostra(i:8, k:4)
64.Oxyropsis ephippia(i:0, k:0)
65.Oxyropsis sp. (1)(i:1, k:0)
66.Oxyropsis wrightiana(i:7, k:0)
67.Plesioptopoma curvidens(i:1, k:0)
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Common member of the subfamily hypoptopomatinae
SizeSmallest 24mm, largest 105mm, average 51mm, most commonly 70mm. All SL.
SpeciesThere are 67 species in 9 genera in the database
Keepers32 species (47%) are being kept by registered keepers
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1.Otocinclus (508 keepers)
2.Hypoptopoma (56 keepers)
3.Acestridium (9 keepers)
4.Oxyropsis (4 keepers)
5.Lampiella (3 keepers)
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1. Otocinclus vittatus (35.17%)
2. Otocinclus macrospilus (9.14%)
3. Otocinclus cocama (7.59%)
4. Otocinclus affinis (6.55%)
5. Otocinclus vestitus (6.38%)
6. Otocinclus mariae (6.21%)
7. Otocinclus huaorani (5.69%)
8. Otocinclus hoppei (5%)
9. Hypoptopoma sp. `PERU(1)` (3.45%)
10. Otocinclus sp. (1) (2.93%)
11. Hypoptopoma gulare (1.72%)
12. Acestridium dichromum (1.38%)
13. Hypoptopoma sp. (2) (1.21%)
14. Otocinclus flexilis (1.03%)
15. Oxyropsis acutirostra (0.69%)
16. Otocinclus mura (0.69%)
17. Hypoptopoma inexspectatum (0.69%)
18. Otocinclus mimulus (0.52%)
19. Lampiella cf. gibbosa (0.52%)
20. Hypoptopoma thoracatum (0.52%)
21. Otocinclus caxarari (0.34%)
22. Hypoptopoma spectabilis (0.34%)
23. Hypoptopoma sp. (4) (0.34%)
24. Hypoptopoma sp. (3) (0.34%)
25. Hypoptopoma cf. guianense (0.34%)