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1.Centromochlus altae(i:1, k:4)
2.Centromochlus bockmanni(i:0, k:0)
3.Centromochlus concolor(i:6, k:1)
4.Centromochlus existimatus(i:1, k:0)
5.Centromochlus ferrarisi(i:5, k:0)
6.Centromochlus heckelii(i:6, k:1)
7.Centromochlus macracanthus(i:1, k:4)
8.Centromochlus megalops(i:0, k:0)
9.Centromochlus meridionalis(i:11, k:0)
10.Centromochlus orca(i:12, k:11)
11.Centromochlus perugiae(i:24, k:99)
12.Centromochlus punctatus(i:0, k:0)
13.Centromochlus reticulatus(i:13, k:19)
14.Centromochlus romani(i:20, k:5)
15.Centromochlus schultzi(i:11, k:9)
16.Centromochlus sp. (1)(i:4, k:1)
17.Gelanoglanis nanonocticolus(i:0, k:0)
18.Gelanoglanis pan(i:0, k:0)
19.Gelanoglanis stroudi(i:0, k:0)
20.Gelanoglanis travieso(i:0, k:0)
21.Gelanoglanis varii(i:2, k:0)
22.Gephyromochlus leopardus(i:1, k:1)
23.Glanidium albescens(i:0, k:0)
24.Glanidium botocudo(i:0, k:0)
25.Glanidium catharinensis(i:0, k:0)
26.Glanidium cesarpintoi(i:0, k:0)
27.Glanidium melanopterum(i:0, k:0)
28.Glanidium ribeiroi(i:2, k:0)
29.Glanidium sp. (1)(i:1, k:1)
30.Tatia aulopygia(i:3, k:1)
31.Tatia boemia(i:0, k:0)
32.Tatia brunnea(i:1, k:0)
33.Tatia carolae(i:0, k:0)
34.Tatia caxiuanensis(i:0, k:0)
35.Tatia dunni(i:12, k:8)
36.Tatia galaxias(i:4, k:10)
37.Tatia gyrina(i:8, k:7)
38.Tatia intermedia(i:28, k:52)
39.Tatia jaracatia(i:11, k:2)
40.Tatia marthae(i:0, k:1)
41.Tatia meesi(i:0, k:0)
42.Tatia melanoleuca(i:0, k:0)
43.Tatia musaica(i:8, k:13)
44.Tatia neivai(i:5, k:0)
45.Tatia nigra(i:2, k:0)
46.Tatia simplex(i:2, k:0)
47.Tatia sp. (1)(i:1, k:1)
48.Tatia sp. (2)(i:1, k:2)
49.Tatia strigata(i:14, k:5)
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Common member of the subfamily centromochlinae
SizeSmallest 22mm, largest 220mm, average 72mm, most commonly 47mm. All SL.
SpeciesThere are 49 species in 5 genera in the database
Keepers23 species (46%) are being kept by registered keepers
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1.Centromochlus (154 keepers)
2.Tatia (102 keepers)
3.Gephyromochlus (1 keepers)
4.Glanidium (1 keepers)
5.Gelanoglanis (0 keepers)
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1. Centromochlus perugiae (38.37%)
2. Tatia intermedia (20.16%)
3. Centromochlus reticulatus (7.36%)
4. Tatia musaica (5.04%)
5. Centromochlus orca (4.26%)
6. Tatia galaxias (3.88%)
7. Centromochlus schultzi (3.49%)
8. Tatia dunni (3.1%)
9. Tatia gyrina (2.71%)
10. Tatia strigata (1.94%)
11. Centromochlus romani (1.94%)
12. Centromochlus macracanthus (1.55%)
13. Centromochlus altae (1.55%)
14. Tatia sp. (2) (0.78%)
15. Tatia jaracatia (0.78%)
16. Tatia sp. (1) (0.39%)
17. Tatia marthae (0.39%)
18. Tatia aulopygia (0.39%)
19. Glanidium sp. (1) (0.39%)
20. Gephyromochlus leopardus (0.39%)
21. Centromochlus sp. (1) (0.39%)
22. Centromochlus heckelii (0.39%)
23. Centromochlus concolor (0.39%)