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1 2021, March Ageneiosus magoi Unicorn Catfish, Duck Catfish, Slopehead Catfish Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2020
2 2020, November Rineloricaria formosa Cat-eLog page
3 2020, August Hoplosternum punctatum Spotted Hoplo Cat-eLog page
4 2020, July Lasiancistrus sp. (L516) L516 Cat-eLog page
5 2020, June Panaque bathyphilus L090, Papa Panaque, Kamufleret Kongesugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
6 2020, May Rineloricaria platyura Pearlscale Whiptail, Amazonia Whiptail, Weißdorn Hexenwels (German) Cat-eLog page
7 2020, March Planiloricaria cryptodon Spoon Face Whiptail, Maulbruetender Hexenwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
8 2020, February Ancistrus aguaboensis L032, Bristlenose Catfish Cat-eLog page
9 2020, January Spinipterus moijiri Otorongo Woodcat, Spinipterus Sp(1), Spinipterus Sp`oncinha` Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2019
10 2019, February Chaetostoma aff. lineopunctatum L276, Bloodfin Bulldog Pleco, Rødfinnet Gumminæse-sugemalle (International) Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2018
11 2018, December Platydoras costatus Striped Dora, Liniendornwels (Germany), Surinam-tornmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
12 2018, November Ancistrus sp. (L509) L509 Cat-eLog page
13 2018, October Loricaria birindellii L010, Xingu Lipbrooder Cat-eLog page
14 2018, August Acanthicus hystrix L155, Lyre Tail Pleco, Hedgehog Pleco, Schwarzer Elfenwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
15 2018, June Pseudohemiodon aff. apithanos Chameleon Whiptail Cat-eLog page
16 2018, May Tandanus tandanus Tandan, Australsk Ferskvandsmalle (Denmark), Dewfish, Eel Tail Catfish, Freshwater Catfish, Tauwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
17 2018, April Centromochlus orca Ninja Woodcat Cat-eLog page
18 2018, March Ancistrus sp. (L486) L486 Cat-eLog page
19 2018, January Mystus dibrugarensis Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2017
20 2017, April Mystus carcio Pyjama Catfish Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2016
21 2016, January Ancistrus sp. (L309) L309 Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2015
22 2015, August Ancistrus sp. `RIO UCAYALI` Ucayali Orange Spot Bristlenose Cat-eLog page
23 2015, July Panaque sp. (L191) L191, Dull Eyed Royal Pleco, Broken Line Royal Pleco, Gråøjet Kongesugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
24 2015, June Hemiancistrus guahiborum L106, Spotted Orange Seam Pleco, Orangerandet Sugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
25 2015, May Leiarius marmoratus Marbled Pim, Achara Catfish, Marmor-Prachtantennenwels (Germany), Sailfin Pimeloid Cat-eLog page
26 2015, April Amblyceps mangois Biting Catfish, Indian Torrent Catfish Cat-eLog page
27 2015, March Corydoras(ln9) julii Julii Cory, Almindelig Leopardpansermalle (Denmark), Julli Cory, Leopard Cory, Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
28 2015, February Ancistrus sp. (L144) L144 Cat-eLog page
29 2015, January Synodontis ansorgii Western Featherfin Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2014
30 2014, December Spectracanthicus murinus Cat-eLog page
31 2014, November Peckoltia sp. (L205) L205 Cat-eLog page
32 2014, October Hypophthalmus edentatus Highwaterman Catfish Cat-eLog page
33 2014, September Nannoglanis fasciatus Cat-eLog page
34 2014, August Hisonotus aky Green Oto, Green Hisonotus Cat-eLog page
35 2014, July Pseudolaguvia shawi Shaw's Bee Catfish, Cat-eLog page
36 2014, June Mystus aff. gulio Cat-eLog page
37 2014, May Trachyglanis ineac Freckled Loach Catfish Cat-eLog page
38 2014, April Heptapterus mustelinus Weasel Catfish Cat-eLog page
39 2014, March Leiocassis micropogon Bumble Bee Catfish Cat-eLog page
40 2014, February Ancistrus dolichopterus L183, Starlight Bristlenose Catfish, Blå Antennmal (Sweden), Dolly Pleco, Skægfisk (Denmark), Starlight Bushymouth Catfish Cat-eLog page
41 2014, January Pseudacanthicus spinosus L096, L160, Spiny Monster Pleco, Coffee And Cream Cactus Pleco, Gelschwanz Spiny Monster (Germany), Spotted Cactus Pleco Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2013
42 2013, December Pseudomystus heokhuii Mottled Bumblebee Catfish Cat-eLog page
43 2013, November Akysis longifilis Stream Catfish Cat-eLog page
44 2013, October Synodontis longirostris Eyespot Synodontis, Langsnudet Fjerskægmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
45 2013, September Liobagrus mediadiposalis South Torrent Catfish, Jagasari (Korean) Cat-eLog page
46 2013, August Scleromystax lacerdai C015, Lacerda's Cory Cat-eLog page
47 2013, July Hypancistrus sp. (L236) L236 Cat-eLog page
48 2013, June Corydoras(ln9) sp. (Cw069) CW069 Cat-eLog page
49 2013, May Corydoras(ln9) melini False Bandit Cory, Panzerwels/Corydoras - Catfish (Germany) Cat-eLog page
50 2013, April Auchenoglanis senegali Senegal Giraffe Cat Cat-eLog page
51 2013, March Hypostomus latifrons L051, L281, Paraguay Pleco, Bredhovedet Paraguay-sugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
52 2013, February Tatia strigata Pinstripe Woodcat Cat-eLog page
53 2013, January Pseudolithoxus dumus L244, Black Spotted Orinoco-Ancistrus (Germany) Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2012
54 2012, December Belonoglanis brieni African Walking Whiptail Cat-eLog page
55 2012, November Horabagrus brachysoma Eclipse Catfish, Bullseye Catfish, Mondfinsternis-Stachelwels (Germany), Solar Catfish, Sun Catfish Cat-eLog page
56 2012, October Goeldiella eques Horsehead Pimelodid Cat-eLog page
57 2012, September Pseudacanthicus sp. (L452) L452, Mustang Cactus Pleco Cat-eLog page
58 2012, August Synodontis ocellifer Ocellated Synodontis Cat-eLog page
59 2012, July Pterocryptis berdmorei Cat-eLog page
60 2012, June Pseudecheneis sulcata Brahmaputra Suckerthroat Cat-eLog page
61 2012, May Hypancistrus sp. (L070) L070, Zombie Pleco Cat-eLog page
62 2012, April Synodontis greshoffi Greshoffs Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
63 2012, March Leptodoras juruensis Sturgeon Catfish Cat-eLog page
64 2012, February Chaetostoma formosae L187B, L444, Blonde Rubbernose Pleco, Blonde Bulldog Pleco, Blonde Rubber Pleco, Smuk Gumminæse (International), Smuk Gumminæse-sugemalle (International), Striped Bulldog Pleco, Striped Rubber Pleco, Striped Rubbernose Pleco Cat-eLog page
65 2012, January Chiloglanis pretoriae Shortspine Rock Catlet, Kortstekel-suierbekkie (South African), Limpopo Rock Catlet, Shortspine Suckermouth Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2011
66 2011, December Corydoras(ln5) gracilis Shy Cory Cat-eLog page
67 2011, November Pterosturisoma microps Long-tailed Sturisoma Cat-eLog page
68 2011, October Rita chrysea Mahanadi Rita Cat-eLog page
69 2011, September Mastiglanis asopos Cat-eLog page
70 2011, August Corydoras(ln9) weitzmani Twosaddle Corydoras, Weitzmans Pansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
71 2011, July Pterygoplichthys scrophus Chocolate Pleco, Alligator Pleco, Rhino Pleco Cat-eLog page
72 2011, June Clarias alluaudi Alluaud's Walking Catfish, Ssemutundu (Ugandan) Cat-eLog page
73 2011, May Aguarunichthys torosus Bolt Catfish, Jello Band Catfish, Stier-antennenwels (Germany), Yellow-band Catfish Cat-eLog page
74 2011, April Panaqolus changae L226, Iquitos Tiger Pleco, Tigerkopf-Panaque (Germany) Cat-eLog page
75 2011, March Corydoras(ln4) guapore Guapore Corydoras, Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
76 2011, February Trichomycterus alternatus Cat-eLog page
77 2011, January Myersglanis blythii Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2010
78 2010, December Tetranematichthys wallacei Wallace's Shoe Head Catfish, Driftwood Catfish Cat-eLog page
79 2010, November Bunocephalus verrucosus Craggy Banjo Catfish, High-back Banjo Cat-eLog page
80 2010, October Aspidoras depinnai Cat-eLog page
81 2010, September Tridensimilis brevis Glass Candiru, Dwarf Parasitic Catfish, Glass Parasitic Catfish, Pygmæ-parasitmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
82 2010, August Orinocodoras eigenmanni Eigenmann's Talking Catfish, Orinoco Talking Catfish Cat-eLog page
83 2010, July Channallabes apus Eel Catfish, Lemmeløs ålemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
84 2010, June Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus L001, L022, Gold Spot Common Pleco, Amazon-sugemalle (Denmark), Amazonas-Pleco (Germany) Cat-eLog page
85 2010, May Zungaro zungaro Gilded Catfish, Giant Jello Catfish, Giant Jelly Catfish, Jaú (Brazil), Manguruyú (Argentinian), Sort Spademalle (Denmark), Tiger-Antennenwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
86 2010, April Imparfinis pseudonemacheir Shrimp Catfish Cat-eLog page
87 2010, March Clarotes laticeps Wide Head Catfish Cat-eLog page
88 2010, February Trachydoras steindachneri Cat-eLog page
89 2010, January Duringlanis romani Roman's Woodcat, Driftwood Catfish Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2009
90 2009, December Synodontis congicus Domino-Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
91 2009, November Corydoras(ln1) amapaensis Amapa State Cory, Amapa Cory Cat-eLog page
92 2009, October Synodontis afrofischeri Victoria Synodontis, Nkolongo (Tanzania) Cat-eLog page
93 2009, September Entomocorus gameroi Gamero's Woodcat, Penguin Woodcat, Sleeping Catfish Cat-eLog page
94 2009, August Cetopsis coecutiens Baby Whale Catfish, Blue Shark Catfish, Blue Torpedo Catfish, Blue Whale Catfish, Blå Vampyrmalle (Denmark), Whale Catfish Cat-eLog page
95 2009, July Peckoltia sp. (L387) L387 Cat-eLog page
96 2009, June Ancistrus sp. (L393) L393, Cheese Creek Bristlenose Cat-eLog page
97 2009, May Otocinclus flexilis Peppered Oto, Argentinischer Ohrgitter-Harnischwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
98 2009, April Corydoras(ln6) diphyes Cat-eLog page
99 2009, March Scleromystax macropterus Hi Fin Peppered Cory, Bigfin Cory, Sailfin Cory Cat-eLog page
100 2009, February Synodontis pleurops Bug Eyed Syno, Gabel-Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
101 2009, January Tatia intermedia Driftwood Cat Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2008
102 2008, December Olyra longicaudata Asian Fighting Catfish, Bannertail Catfish Cat-eLog page
103 2008, November Mochokiella paynei Payne's Catfish, Payne's Afrikanischer Wels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
104 2008, October Liosomadoras oncinus Jaguar Catfish, Jaguarmalle (Denmark), Jaguarwels, Onca (Germany) Cat-eLog page
105 2008, September Noturus exilis Slender Madtom, Slank Giftmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
106 2008, August Pseudauchenipterus nodosus Cocosoda Catfish, Fadendornwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
107 2008, July Farlowella acus Twig Catfish, Aguja (Venezuelan), Almindelig Grenmalle (Denmark), Gemeiner Nadelwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
108 2008, June Synodontis nigrita False Upside Down Catfish, Common Syno, Common Synodontis, Lace Catfish, Nigerianischer Rückenschw. (schwarzwer) Kongowels (Germany), Syno Cat-eLog page
109 2008, May Hypancistrus sp. (L340) LDA019, L340, Mega Clown Pleco Cat-eLog page
110 2008, April Pterygoplichthys pardalis L021, L023, Common Pleco, Albino Pleco, Amazon Sailfin Pleco, Chocolate Pleco, Janitor Fish Cat-eLog page
111 2008, March Phyllonemus typus Spatula Barbel Catfish Cat-eLog page
112 2008, February Corydoras(ln8sc4) lamberti C009 Cat-eLog page
113 2008, January Pseudohemiodon sp. `MARBLED` Marbled Chameleon Whiptail Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2007
114 2007, December Erethistes jerdoni Anchor Catfish, Deltafluegel-Zwergwels (Germany), Dwarf Moth Catfish, Sylhet Moth Catfish Cat-eLog page
115 2007, November Chrysichthys ornatus Ornate Bagrid, Afrikanischer Marmor-Stachelwels (Germany), Broderimalle (Denmark), Mottled Catfish Cat-eLog page
116 2007, October Neosilurus ater Black Finned Eel Catfish, Australian Eel-tailed Catfish, Black Catfish, Butter Jew, Narrow-fronted Tandan Cat-eLog page
117 2007, September Hypancistrus sp. (L260) L260, Queen Arabesque Pleco, Smalstribet Sugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
118 2007, August Pterobunocephalus dolichurus Ghost Banjo Catfish Cat-eLog page
119 2007, July Clarias gariepinus Sharptooth Catfish, Afrikansk ålemalle (Denmark), Barbel, North African Catfish, Skerptandbaber Cat-eLog page
120 2007, June Panaqolus sp. (L169) LDA001, L169, Gold Stripe Panaque Cat-eLog page
121 2007, May Acanthodoras cataphractus Chocolate Talking Catfish, Chocolate Raphael, Gemeiner Dornwels (Germany), Milky Catfish Cat-eLog page
122 2007, April Pseudolaguvia foveolata Cat-eLog page
123 2007, March Trachelyopterus fisheri Fisher's Woodcat Cat-eLog page
124 2007, February Corydoras(ln6) cochui Barredtail Cory, Cochu's Catfish, Skakbrætpansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
125 2007, January Encheloclarias curtisoma Bladefin Catfish Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2006
126 2006, December Denticetopsis seducta Red Dwarf Whale Catfish Cat-eLog page
127 2006, November Helogenes marmoratus Dwarf Wood Cat Cat-eLog page
128 2006, October Belodontichthys dinema Cat-eLog page
129 2006, September Mystus bocourti Silver Lancer, Hi Fin Mystus, King Bagrid, Koenigs-Stachelwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
130 2006, August Cephalosilurus fowleri Rusty Jelly Catfish, Orange Catfish, Oremon Catfish, Pocoma (Brazilian) Cat-eLog page
131 2006, July Synodontis robertsi Roberts' Syno, Large Blotch Syno, Large Blotch Synodontis, Roberts Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
132 2006, June Tachysurus trilineatus Highway Catfish Cat-eLog page
133 2006, May Calophysus macropterus Vulture Catfish, Bagre Machete (Venezuelan), Gribbemalle (Denmark), Mapurite (Venezuelan), Pintadinho (Brazilian), Piracatinga (Brazilian), Pirate Catfish, Zamurito (Venezuelan) Cat-eLog page
134 2006, April Trachelyopterichthys taeniatus Striped Woodcat, Mandube Catfish Cat-eLog page
135 2006, March Corydoras(ln8sc1) multiradiatus Hognose Brochis, Brochis-Panzerwels (Germany), Long-finned Brochis, Spidsnæset Kæmpepansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
136 2006, February Pseudostegophilus nemurus Jaguar Candiru Cat-eLog page
137 2006, January Glyptothorax platypogon Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2005
138 2005, December Panaqolus albivermis L204, Flash Pleco, Small Line Peru-Panaque (Germany) Cat-eLog page
139 2005, November Ompok bimaculatus Two Spot Glass Catfish, Toplettet Glasmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
140 2005, October Rineloricaria eigenmanni Common Whiptail Catfish Cat-eLog page
141 2005, September Rhynchodoras woodsi Parrot Doradid Cat-eLog page
142 2005, August Corydoras(ln8sc4) seussi C027, Seuss' Cory, Orangefinnet Pansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
143 2005, July Gymnallabes typus Flat Head Eel Catfish, Fathead Eel Catfish, Vestafrikansk ålemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
144 2005, June Synodontis brichardi Brichard's Syno, Brichards Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
145 2005, May Corydoras(ln9) panda Panda Cory, Panda Corydoras, Panda-pansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
146 2005, April Eremophilus mutisii Capitán, Capitan De Bogota, Capitan De Sabana, Chimbe Cat-eLog page
147 2005, March Rhamdia quelen Silver Catfish, Bagre (Central & South America), Bagre De Arroyo (Venezuelan), Barbilla (Peruvian), Barbudo (Peruvian), Canyon Catfish, Djaki Catfish, Jandia (Brazilian), Nhandia (Brazilian), Quelen-Antennenwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
148 2005, February Synodontis contractus Bug Eyed Squeaker, Big-nosed Upside Down Catfish, Bugeye Squeaker, Davids Rückenschwimmender Congowels (Germany), Lille Rygsvømmermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
149 2005, January Silurus asotus Namazu, Amurmalle (Denmark), Chinese Catfish, Japanese Catfish Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2004
150 2004, December Hisonotus leucofrenatus Niger Oto Cat-eLog page
151 2004, November Hyalobagrus flavus Shadow Catfish Cat-eLog page
152 2004, October Parotocinclus jumbo LDA025, Pitbull Pleco, Goby Pleco, Pitbull Pleco (Germany) Cat-eLog page
153 2004, September Dianema longibarbis Porthole Catfish, Malet Pansermalle (Denmark), Schwielenwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
154 2004, August Asterophysus batrachus Gulper Catfish, Ogre Catfish, Stormundet Rovmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
155 2004, July Noturus insignis Margined Madtom, Sortfinnet Giftmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
156 2004, June Mystus castaneus Pearl Catfish Cat-eLog page
157 2004, May Peckoltia sabaji LDA002, L075, L124, L301, Para Pleco, Sabajs Sugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
158 2004, April Chiloglanis polypogon African Suckermouth Catfish Cat-eLog page
159 2004, March Wallagonia leerii Helicopter Catfish, Trey Stuak (Cambodia) Cat-eLog page
160 2004, February Lophiobagrus brevispinis Tanganjika Stinging Catfish Cat-eLog page
161 2004, January Corydoras(ln8sc1) splendens Emerald Catfish, Brochis-Panzerwels (Germany), Common Brochis, Emerald Brochis, Green Catfish, Smaragdpansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2003
162 2003, December Gagata cenia Clown Catfish, Assam Clownwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
163 2003, November Ameiurus natalis Yellow Bullhead, Butter Catfish, Gul Dværgmalle (Denmark), White Whiskered Bullhead, Yellow Belly Catfish Cat-eLog page
164 2003, October Tachysurus fulvidraco Tawny Dragon Catfish, Amur Catfish, Yellow Catfish Cat-eLog page
165 2003, September Hemiancistrus subviridis L200, Green Phantom Pleco, Gold-Yellow-Ancistrinae (Germany), Green Pleco, Grøn Fantomsugemalle (Denmark), Lemon Spotted Green Pleco Cat-eLog page
166 2003, August Notoglanidium macrostoma Dwarf Giraffe Catfish, Afrikanischer Tigerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
167 2003, July Corydoras(ln9) sterbai Sterba's Cory, Panzerwels (Germany), Sterba's Corydoras, Sterbas Pansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
168 2003, June Silurichthys indragiriensis Asian Leaf Catfish Cat-eLog page
169 2003, May Microsynodontis batesii African Bumblebee Catfish, Nyong Syno, Zwerg-Synodontis (Germany) Cat-eLog page
170 2003, April Leiarius pictus Sailfin Marbled Catfish, Painted Catfish, Saddle Catfish, Sailfin Pim, Segelantennenwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
171 2003, March Acrochordonichthys rugosus Asian Banjo Catfish Cat-eLog page
172 2003, February Amblydoras nauticus Marbled Talking Catfish, Marbled Raphael Catfish Cat-eLog page
173 2003, January Synodontis granulosus White Seam Syno, Deep Lake Syno, Granny, Hvidsømmet Skægmalle (Denmark), Leuchtbaken-Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2002
174 2002, December Hemibagrus wyckii Crystal Eyed Catfish, Baung Jaksa (Indonesia), Freshwater Shark, Sueßwasser-Hai (Germany) Cat-eLog page
175 2002, November Platystacus cotylephorus Eel-tail Banjo Catfish, Banded Banjo, Båndet Banjomalle (Denmark), Maulbruetender Hexenwels (Germany), Mottled Eel-tail Banjo Catfish, Whiptail Banjo Catfish Cat-eLog page
176 2002, October Leporacanthicus triactis L091, Three Beacon Pleco, Orangestiplet Sugemalle (Denmark), Redfin Blackspot (Germany) Cat-eLog page
177 2002, September Pterodoras granulosus Granulated Catfish, Armado (Venezuelan), Bacu (Brazilian), Common Bacu, Ru Tornmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
178 2002, August Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus LDA007, L114, Leopard Cactus Pleco, Demini Leopard Cactus Pleco, Leopardsugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
179 2002, July Synodontis multipunctatus Cuckoo Catfish, Mangeplettet Gøgemalle (Denmark), Vielpunkt-Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
180 2002, June Corydoras(ln1) septentrionalis Northern Longnose Cory, Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
181 2002, May Pimelodus ornatus Ornate Pimelodus, Schmuckantennenwels (Germany), Smykkemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
182 2002, April Pseudomystus siamensis Asian Bumblebee Catfish, Humlebimalle (Denmark), Siamese Barred Catfish, Siamese Catfish, Siamesischer Ringelwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
183 2002, March Synodontis decorus Clown Syno, Schmuck-Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
184 2002, February Chaetostoma sp. (L445) L445, Spotted Bulldog Pleco, Black Spotted Bulldog Pleco, Spotted Rubbernose Pleco, Villavicencio I Cat-eLog page
185 2002, January Synodontis flavitaeniatus Pyjama Catfish, Chocolate Striped Squeaker, Orange Striped Squeaker, Pyjama Syno, Rotstreifen-Fiederbartwels (Germany), Yellow Striped Squeaker Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2001
186 2001, December Corydoras(ln7) aeneus Bronze Cory, Albino Cory, Bronze Catfish, Bronze Corydoras, Kobberpansermalle (Denmark), Metallpansarmal (Sweden), Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
187 2001, November Panaqolus maccus LDA022, L104, L162, Clown Pleco, Clown Panaque, Klovnsugemalle (Denmark), Maccus-Panaqolus (Germany), Ringlet Pleco Cat-eLog page
188 2001, October Heteropneustes fossilis Fossil Catfish, Gællesæk-ålemalle (Denmark), Liver Catfish, Scorpion Catfish, Stinging Catfish Cat-eLog page
189 2001, September Horabagrus nigricollaris Black Collared Catfish, Weißstreifen Imperial-Wels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
190 2001, August Scleromystax barbatus Bearded Cory, Banded Corydoras, Bearded Catfish, Bearded Corydoras, Checkerboard Cory, Filigree Cory, Skægget Pansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
191 2001, July Auchenipterichthys coracoideus Zamora Woodcat, Midnight Catfish, Zamorawels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
192 2001, June Synodontis lucipinnis Dwarf Lake Syno, False Cuckoo Catfish, Petricola Dwarf Syno Cat-eLog page
193 2001, May Scobinancistrus aureatus L014, Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, Solskinssugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
194 2001, April Corydoras(ln9) trilineatus Three Line Cory, Leopard Cory, Panzerwels (Germany), Three Stripe Cory Cat-eLog page
195 2001, March Chaca chaca Frogmouth Catfish, Angler Catfish, Giant-mouth Cat, Indian Chaca, Indischer Großmaulwels (Germany), Squarehead Catfish Cat-eLog page
196 2001, February Oxydoras niger Black Talking Catfish, Black Doras, Mother Of Snails Catfish, Ripsaw Catfish, Schwarzer Dornwels (Germany), Turushuki Catfish Cat-eLog page
197 2001, January Bagrichthys macracanthus Black Lancer, Humped Stinging Catfish Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 2000
198 2000, December Baryancistrus xanthellus L018, L081, L085, L177, LDA060, Gold Nugget Pleco, Guldklump-sugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
199 2000, November Hemidoras stenopeltis Mouse Catfish Cat-eLog page
200 2000, October Microglanis iheringi South American Bumblebee Catfish, Kleiner Marmor-Antennenwels, Kleiner Harlekinwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
201 2000, September Synodontis schoutedeni Yellow Marbled Syno, Marmor-Fiederbartwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
202 2000, August Corydoras(ln5) elegans Elegant Cory, Elegant Pansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels/Corydoras - Catfish (Germany) Cat-eLog page
203 2000, July Trachelyopterus galeatus Common Woodcat, Stor Drivtømmermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
204 2000, June Clarias batrachus Common Walking Catfish, Clarias Catfish, Albino Walking Catfish, Piebald Walking Catfish, Vandremalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
205 2000, May Malapterurus electricus Electric Catfish, Elektrisk Mal (Sweden), Elektrisk Malle (Denmark), Elmalle (Denmark), Zitterwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
206 2000, April Corydoras(ln9) concolor Slate Cory, Einfarbiger Panzerwels (Germany), Mørk Pansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
207 2000, March Mystus leucophasis Asian Upside-down Catfish, Burmese Upside-down Catfish, Großer Asiatischer Rückenschwimmender Erls (Germany), Sittang Mystus Cat-eLog page
208 2000, February Pseudohemiodon laticeps Giant Whiptail Catfish Cat-eLog page
209 2000, January Phractocephalus hemioliopterus South American Red Tailed Catfish, Banana Catfish, Red-tailed Catfish, Redtail Catfish, Rotflossen-Antennenwels (Germany), Rtc (Abbreviation), Rødhalet Malle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
Down arrow 1999
210 1999, December Corydoras(ln1) narcissus Long Nosed Arched Cory, Panzerwels (Germany), Purus Cory Cat-eLog page
211 1999, November Synodontis membranaceus Moustache Catfish, Membran-skægmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
212 1999, October Auchenoglanis occidentalis Giraffe Catfish, Afrikanischer Augenfleckenwels (Germany), Girafmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
213 1999, September Corydoras(ln1) simulatus Olga Cory Cat-eLog page
214 1999, August Hypostomus margaritifer Yellow Spotted Hypostomus, Gelbgepunkteter Hypostomus (Germany) Cat-eLog page
215 1999, July Platydoras armatulus Humbug Catfish, Chokladmal (Sweden), Hvidstribet Tornmalle (Denmark), Striped Raphael Catfish, Striped Talking Catfish Cat-eLog page
216 1999, June Sorubim lima Lima Shovelnose, Duck-beak Catfish, Duckbill Catfish, Hockey Stick Catfish, Lsn, Sortstribet Spademalle (Denmark), Spatelwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
217 1999, May Panaque nigrolineatus L190, Royal Pleco, Schwarzlinien-Harnischwels (Germany), Stribet Sugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
218 1999, April Synodontis nigriventris Upside Down Catfish, Rückenschwimmender Kongowels (Germany), Sortbuget Rygsvømmermalle (Denmark), Vändmal (Sweden) Cat-eLog page
219 1999, March Corydoras(ln6) paleatus Peppered Cory, Panzerwels/Corydoras - Catfish (Germany), Peppered Catfish, Plettet Pansermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
220 1999, February Pangasius sanitwongsei Paroon Shark, Chao Phraya Giant Catfish, Dog-eating Catfish, Langfinnet Hajmalle (Denmark), Pangasid-catfish, Paroonhaj (Sweden), Pla Tepa (Thai), Pla Thepa Cat-eLog page
221 1999, January Pareutropius buffei Three Striped African Glass Catfish, Afrikanischer Glaswels (Germany), Afrikansk Glasmal (Sweden), Svalehaleglasmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
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222 1998, December Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus Common Bristlenose Catfish, Abn (Internet), Albino Bristlenose Catfish, Albino Veiltail Catfish, Bn (Internet), Bushynose Catfish, Green Dragon Bristlenose, Piebald Bristlenose, Sp(3) Bristlenose, Super Red Bristlenose, Veiltail Bristlenose Cat-eLog page
223 1998, November Corydoras(ln9) similis Smudge Spot Cory, Halvplettet Pansermalle (Denmark), Violet Cory, Violetta Cory Cat-eLog page
224 1998, October Leporacanthicus galaxias L029, Galaxy Pleco, Ruesselzahnwels (Germany), Tusken Pleco, Vampire Pleco Cat-eLog page
225 1998, September Corydoras(ln9) adolfoi Adolfo's Cory, Orangepandet Pansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
226 1998, August Pangasianodon hypophthalmus Iridescent Shark, Almindelig Hajmalle (Denmark), Iridescent Shark Catfish, Pla Sawai (Thai), Siam-Haiwels (Germany), Striped Catfish, Sutchi Catfish Cat-eLog page
227 1998, July Hypostomus punctatus Common Pleco, Pleco, Plettet Sugemalle (Denmark), Punktierter Schildwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
228 1998, June Ariopsis seemanni Colombian Shark Catfish, Haj-havmalle (Denmark), Hajmal (Sweden), Mini-Hai (Germany), Shark Catfish, Tete Sea Catfish, White Tip Shark Catfish Cat-eLog page
229 1998, May Brachyrhamdia imitator False Cory, False Corydoras Cat-eLog page
230 1998, April Corydoras(ln9) atropersonatus Fairy Catfish, Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
231 1998, March Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Tsn (Abbreviation) Cat-eLog page
232 1998, February Synodontis alberti Albert's Syno, Alberts Synodontis (Germany), Bigeye Squeaker, Bigspotted Squeaker, Storøjet Rygsvømmermalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
233 1998, January Ictalurus punctatus Channel Catfish, Getuepfelter Gabelwels (Germany), Plettet Dværgmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
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234 1997, December Corydoras(ln8sc4) robineae Bannertail Cory, Flagtail Cory, Halestribet Pansermalle (Denmark), Mrs Schwartz's Cory, Panzerwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
235 1997, November Hypancistrus zebra L046, L098, Zebra Pleco, Imperial Pleco, Zebra-sugemalle (Denmark), Zebrawels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
236 1997, October Mystus bimaculatus Two Spot Catfish Cat-eLog page
237 1997, September Farlowella vittata Twig Catfish, Grenmaller (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
238 1997, August Megalechis thoracata Hoplo, Armoured Catfish, Gefleckter Schwielenwels (Germany), Plettet Amazon-pansermalle (Denmark), Prickig Hoplo (Sweden), Spotted Hoplo Cat-eLog page
239 1997, July Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps L083, L165, Sail Fin Pleco, Gibby, Leopardplettet Sugemalle (Denmark), Sejlfinnet Leopardmalle (Denmark), Waben-Schilderwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
240 1997, June Bunocephalus coracoideus Banjo Catfish, Banjo Cat, Guitarrita, Tofarvet Stegepandemalle (Denmark), Zweifarbiger Bratpfannenwels (Germany) Cat-eLog page
241 1997, May Synodontis eupterus Featherfin Syno, Featherfin Squeaker, Fjäderfenssynodontis (Sweden) Cat-eLog page
242 1997, April Agamyxis pectinifrons Spotted Talking Catfish, Kammdornwels (Germany), Plettet Tornmalle (Denmark), Spotted Raphael Catfish Cat-eLog page
243 1997, March Pimelodus pictus Pictus Catfish, Engelwels (Germany), Pictus, Pictus Pimelodus, Pimpictus, Plettet Trådmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
244 1997, February Kryptopterus vitreolus Glass Catfish, Asian Glass Catfish, Indischer Glaswels (Germany), Indisk Glasmal (Sweden), Phantom Catfish, Thai-glasmalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
245 1997, January Corydoras(ln9) metae Bandit Cory, Masked Cory, Meta River Cory, Meta-pansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels/Corydoras - Catfish (Germany) Cat-eLog page
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246 1996, December Otocinclus vittatus LDA023, Common Otocinclus, Dwarf Sucker, Ohrgitterharnischwels (Germany), Oto, Stribet Dværgsugemalle (Denmark) Cat-eLog page
247 1996, November Synodontis angelicus Polka Dot Syno, Angel Squeaker, Englemalle (Denmark), Perlhuhnwels (Germany), Polkadot Squeaker Cat-eLog page

Total of 247 articles.