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Common Bristlenose Catfish, Abn (Internet), Albino Bristlenose Catfish, Albino Veiltail Catfish, Bn (Internet), Bushynose Catfish, Green Dragon Bristlenose, Piebald Bristlenose, Sp(3) Bristlenose, Super Red Bristlenose, Veiltail Bristlenose - Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus    

After the success of our first guest catfish of the month (we received very positive feedback about it) we've produced another one! It is introduced by guest aquarist Kathy Jinkings, a prolific writer in the aquatic press, and devoted fan of all things bristlenose. Kathy has also written the world's only book on these fish, you can find a review here.

Anyone dazzed by the flashing ranks of tetras and guppies in their local aquarium shop may well wonder why anyone would want to give tank space to an ugly fish that hides all the time. The truth of the matter only becomes apparent once you've given a home to a bristlenose catfish or two. Far from being boring and ugly, bristlenoses have a charm all of their own, and once in residence will quickly find a place in the heart of the most cynical fish keeper.

While a wide variety of fish are sold as 'algae-eaters', few are as amazingly efficient at the task as bristlenoses. I discovered this early in my fishkeeping days, when I was reluctantly talked into what I considered to be an extremely overpriced pair of unattractive fish. Since I couldn't see any of my fish through a rampant growth of thick green algae, I reasoned that it didn't actually matter much what they looked like. The two tiny fry moved in, and within a month were not only considerably bigger, but were entirely visible - the algae had gone for good. Since that time I have learned a great deal about water management, and algae clearance is no longer a constant battle, but the bristlenoses are still in residence. Once the glass was clear, the two soon came to recognize me as the bringer of dinner, and going anywhere near the tank brought the fish plunging to the front of the tank and looking hungry. A diet of sinking catfish pellets, cucumber, lettuce, courgette and the occasional squirming mass of bloodworm resulted in a fully mature pair of bristlenoses at the end of the first year, when they proudly produced their first batch of bright orange eggs after much energetic chasing around the tank.

Pair with eggs!

This first pair was the precursor of many other bristlenoses, which have had a far easier time of it. The first pair determinedly grew and prospered through a variety of 'beginner's crises' without turning a bristle. Bristlenoses are hardy and tolerant fish. In spite of coming from the superclean, soft, and highly oxygenated rivers of South America, they will fit happily into hard or soft water tanks, and many species will spawn regardless. Indeed, bristlenoses have been known and spawned in the hobby for a long time, well before such luxuries as heater-stats, power filters and water test kits!

The best crevices for potential spawning sites are long narrow ones, and plastic or bamboo pipes can also be used to provide shelters (which will eventually become spawning sites). The male will find a crevice to call home quickly, and thereafter will usually be found there. In contrast the female is more nomadic, and does not set up home in a specific spot. Unfortunately bristlenoses are not all that bright when judging the width of a hole, and care should be taken to ensure the provided decor is free of hazards. The strong armour plating restricts flexibility, and they are unable to squeeze their bodies through if the holes are the wrong shape. I learned my lesson in this regard while trying to extricate a male bristlenose from a plant pot; he managed to get his head through the hole at the base, and could then go neither forward nor backward. After an entertaining half hour armed with a large pat of butter and a chisel, during which he complained loudly and plaintively with piercing squeaks, I resolved to vet all the tank decoration much more carefully!

Although often just referred to in aquarium shops as 'bristlenose catfish', there are actually over fifty species. Many of these can only be distinguished from one another by close examination, so if you want a breeding pair it is safest to buy two at the same time. Although wild-caught fish with a full complement of bristles are always tempting, they can bring disease from their native rivers and are often stressed after their travels. Such fish rarely become as tame as those bought as little juveniles (about an inch long). Unless you are collecting bristlenoses and particularly want a special species, the best buy is four or five of the little 'tank bred' fish (usually Ancistrus cirrhosus). These are likely to grow up into confident fish that are seen out and about in the tank, and will spawn successfully in your water.

If you are raising a group of juveniles grows, there may well be more than one male. Male bristlenoses are reputed to be aggressive towards one another, locking-out the spines at the base of the operculum (gill plate) and thorny pectoral fins to inflict serious wounds. In actual practice, most of these experiments appear to have involved placing two males who had already spawned in close proximity. In these circumstances mayhem is guaranteed. In normal circumstances, they are sociable, provided there is enough tank room for a male to choose a secluded crevice away, if he wants to. This is the subtle difference between choosing to have a flat mate, and being locked up in a prison cell with someone. Provided there is enough room for the fish to avoid one another if they want to, two or more pairs can live together amicably. A four foot tank is sufficient for two or three pairs, but a thirty inch tank can only house one pair. Anything smaller than this should not be considered as a permanent home.

The bristlenose catfish is a hard working algae cleaner, tolerant, peaceful, and is happy to demonstrate its spawning and parental care in the aquarium. Not only that, but most aquarium shops can sell you one - try a pair, and see for yourself the charms of these delightful catfish."

Copyright information for the images used in this article can be found on the species' full Cat-eLog page.

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Scientific NameAncistrus cf. cirrhosus   
Common NamesCommon Bristlenose Catfish
Abn (Internet), Albino Bristlenose Catfish, Albino Veiltail Catfish, Bn (Internet), Bushynose Catfish, Green Dragon Bristlenose, Piebald Bristlenose, Sp(3) Bristlenose, Super Red Bristlenose, Veiltail Bristlenose
Pronunciationan SISS truss
EtymologyThe name Ancistrus is derived from the Greek word agkistron, meaning hook, in reference to the interopercular odontodes that are hooked. 
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Size 125mm or 4.9" SL. Find near, nearer or same sized spp.
IdentificationMature males and sometimes females have soft tentacles (bushy fleshy growths) on the snout - this is unique to the genus Ancistrus.

The common Bristlenose is commonly captive bred appears impossible to identify to species primarily due to a lack of original locality information but also because tens of undescribed congeners exist. It is not assigned to species here for that reason. It is sometimes thought to be a hybrid, however it is not easy to determine if it is so or not. Several man made variants exist: piebald, albino and long-fin (veiltail) varieties have been bred in a captivity.
SexingMales have head tentacles, females do not.
General RemarksThis species was known as Ancistrus sp(3) in the Cat-eLog from February 1997 until August 2008, it will likely still commonly be referred to under this name for some time and even its current designation is a little tentative. For these reasons we've left "sp(3)" as a common name. Several colour forms exist as well a long fin strain. The super-red form was first line-bred from the calico form of the common bristlenose in Germany. As is the way with the common bristlenose, they are pretty fertile and as soon as the pure strain got introduced into the market, it quickly spread across Europe and over the Atlantic. A long-finned variety was also line-bred from them relatively soon after that. There is some variation in the quality of the strain, a good strain produces 100% all-red offspring, less-than-optimal breeding stock (even if they are all-red) can produce a fair amount of offspring with some residual black markings.
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DistributionSouth America
pH5.8 - 7.2
Temperature21.5-26.5°C or 70.7-79.7°F (Show species within this range)
Other ParametersRelatively undemanding.
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FeedingIt is thought that elements in bogwood, particularly lignin, may form an essential part of Bristlenose diet. Certainly they have the immensely long guts common to vegetarians, and although they fall avidly on the occasional meal of live food or prawns, the bulk of their diet must be composed of vegetable matter. If a high protein diet is fed constantly, then they will become prone to stomach disorders. Vegetable roughage keeps the gut in working order, and bogwood is a valuable addition to this.
Fry will feed from free-swimming on the same diet as parents. It may help to blanch vegetables when feeding young fry, as it helps them rasp off the food stuff.
FurnitureIn the aquarium they prefer a strong water current with lots of oxygen, and require plenty of hiding places. Bogwood is ideal for this, as it is not only attractive to look at and provides plenty of shelter. Although they are vegetarian, they do not feed on water plants either naturally or in the aquarium, and your treasured collection of cryptocorynes will not only remain uneaten, but the Bristlenose will carefully and gently graze each leaf, removing any covering of algae that may form.
CompatibilityThey are gentle and unassuming fish, and can be kept in community tanks with the most timid of inhabitants. Even tiny fry will be left unharmed once free-swimming.
Suggested TankmatesAll community fish, small to medium sized cichlids.
BreedingSee catfish of the month article.
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Registered Keepers(1) discuscat (p: 2), (2) MatsP (p: 6, k: 64), who also notes: "I started with one that turned out to be a female, then got a male, and now I don't know quite how many I've got. One hundred is probably a bit low.", "Two large albino's and some others are in this tank, for keeping it clean.", "The sons/daughters of the pair I gave Richard B. Now all but two albino (male + female) sold.", "Two babies, keeping the glass clean and growing out.", "One albino Juvie growing out.", (3) Birger (k: 5), (4) synoguy, (5) DeepFriedIctalurus (k: 3), (6) natefrog, (7) Iwona, (8) boyneburn, (9) mikey, (10) daniel60, (11) Stephen, (12) CatBrat (p: 2), (13) xingumike, (14) hoplo (k: 350), (15) dewitt_discus, (16) ali12345 (k: 20), (17) fish fodder (k: 2), (18) Barbie (k: 440), (19) plecoready, (20) Trident2004, (21) vriesea (k: 12), who also notes: "Bought 6 long fin albino from Mainly Cichlids. Had 5 albino that were bought over the past year. Have one full grown male (black) that has bred before. Bought 6 more long fin albino at auction ($22).", (22) Jools (k: 2), (23) Lornek8, (24) Argentum (k: 11), (25) husky_jim (k: 171), (26) bronzefry, (27) sherry44, (28) amergim (p: 2), (29) livebearium, (30) bikerman6660, (31) Travis_Conklin, (32) gage, (33) Henry Di Cristofano, (34) arabesque, (35) zhallam (k: 3), (36) cats4me, (37) mattmccready, (38) Elspeth (k: 8), (39) drgold (k: 9), (40) alenate (k: 4), who also notes: "Breeding group", (41) call_apple (k: 50), who also notes: "I've had 2 albino spawning and 2 calico spawning. ", (42) Foster9011, who also notes: "Males have longer and more bristles than females. These fish come in a wide variaty of colors and types.I had two of these that I traded a clown pleco for, but one jumped out a day after I got it and my dog ate it. I have one 3 inch black and red female ancistrus. It lives a good life in my guppy tank with three peppered cory cats and some striped dw", (43) mikelouth, (44) NEONCORY (k: 6), (45) stang1 (k: 2), (46) azfisher (k: 18), who also notes: "aLBINO VARIETY", (47) woofess (p: 2), (48) pureplecs (k: 10), who also notes: "Calico and Albino, long finned and short finned", (49) Topaztas, (50) petri, (51) Albinoblackcatfish, (52) VirgoWolf, (53) Blue (k: 115), (54) ani-mal-lvr, (55) FuglyDragon (p: 4, k: 33), who also notes: "Numerous spawns Std and Albino / Golden", "Calico Longfin colony.", "Longfin common colony", "Albino longfin colony", (56) foffo (k: 2), (57) Daragh (k: 100), who also notes: "3 adult males and 3 adult females. Young from egg to 6 months.", (58) apistomaster (k: 6), who also notes: "Began breeding normal and albinos commercially 2004 but stopped once my rarer plecos began breeding successfully. I keep them around as algae eaters sometimes moving them as needed.", (59) fballguy, (60) Teelie (k: 5), who also notes: "Have had one successful spawn with two adults but all fry eaten by tankmates (Clown Loaches, Red Tail Black Shark, Yo-yo Loaches) in a 55g. Going to give another try in a 40g breeder with more peaceful tankmates.", (61) Kenneth Wong (k: 164), (62) certan, (63) mzavori (k: 2), (64) Zigismund (k: 4), who also notes: " Cool and easy fish breeds like rabbits!!", (65) Owch, (66) Cicolid, (67) HylaChristine (p: 4), (68) morkaren, (69) loafingloach, (70) Igowoof, (71) deathjelly (k: 5), who also notes: "Acquired @ 1.5-2" long.", (72) artemis1, (73) killerklown, (74) smithrc, (75) Bobtailvw22, (76) dixon1990, (77) Tom88, who also notes: "Very good at cleaning algae!", (78) dr_evil_01, who also notes: "Piebald Variety", (79) Threefingers (k: 2), (80) Allie72 (k: 4), who also notes: "Breeding pair and fry", (81) gixir (k: 6), (82) Darren C, (83) AngJo, (84) einstein-a-go-go, (85) bluenewt, (86) greigzee (k: 3), (87) Bas Pels (p: 2), (88) Revol (k: 3), (89) matthi22004, (90) anthony mcdonald (k: 16), (91) Hammerhead (k: 2), who also notes: "Both specimens are albino. The only ones to finally remove my brown algae.", (92) thebirdofprey (k: 446), who also notes: "I raise albino longfins, calico regular fin, calico longfins and brown longfin bristlenose.", (93) Bengt F (k: 5), (94) jjkolodz (k: 11), (95) yogi69 (k: 11), who also notes: "10 x long fin + 1 x common ancistrus", (96) Belial, (97) norms, (98) Dan Steveo (p: 2), (99) YSR50 (k: 106), who also notes: "These things are like roaches. Put them close to each other and you'll have more than you want. All sorts of color and fins", (100) Helmut, (101) rimbaudsarm, (102) unkaface (p: 3), (103) Yannalau (p: 2), (104) holing007, (105) Bigpig (k: 4), (106) Invader_Kitty, (107) whiteymoza, (108) Carp37 (p: 2, k: 82), who also notes: "Over 240 juveniles sold on in last year but I'm still getting overrun with juveniles- currently occupying 3 tanks", "Juveniles growing out from trio (1m 2f) in 30" tank- now about 2.75-3" SL", (109) Lydia, (110) Selveste_Preben (k: 30), (111) amcmaster (k: 21), who also notes: "1 pair of common bristlenose breed first time 1/10/07 (34) 1 Male albino/common female pair 1 female albino bristlenose 1 male peppermint Bristlenose 3 longfin Bristlenose Common pair have breed 4 times the up to 174 fry ", (112) Gopherboy (k: 2), (113) helshøj, (114) Caimenboy, (115) jollysue (k: 35), who also notes: "lf dwarf albino (with fry) and abn, about 12 marbles", (116) invaderwithkey, (117) Snowy (k: 30), who also notes: "20 brown Commons, 10 Albino ", (118) Walter, (119) kagal, (120) steelhorse, (121) Mrs.JP, (122) Plecofanatic1989 (k: 2), (123) Smilingpiranha (k: 3), (124) obik101, (125) L127 (k: 2), (126) goodmike (k: 4), (127) krazyGeoff (k: 23), (128) KnaveTO (k: 3), (129) corydoras, (130) fraggle, (131) glenny, (132) lizimal (p: 2, k: 4), (133) Firestorming (k: 12), (134) cmfoggy (k: 5), (135) pLaurent1251, (136) Lightbringer (k: 4), (137) tezr (k: 8), who also notes: "Great small pleco", (138) PepperedGary (k: 24), (139) Qaddiction, (140) therlinger, (141) nooneknows (k: 150), (142) scouse_andy (k: 2), (143) Suckermouth (k: 2), (144) norfolkgarden (k: 3), who also notes: "2 2.5inch male albinos and 1 4inch male pucipalla(?). 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She is breeding the catfish. A nice fish, wich is active in daytime.", (164) knusperfunk (k: 2), (165) lbriquet, (166) uknavynigel (k: 3), (167) rtw (k: 2), (168) 55GReefer, (169) JohnB, (170) weisel (k: 3), (171) ACMEexp (k: 3), (172) miravns, (173) addictinganimal, (174) AU Chief, (175) Mandrake, (176) aledk85 (k: 5), who also notes: "3 common 2 albino", (177) Suncoastscott, (178) Mariea, (179) daryn39, (180) calsonic (k: 3), (181) loachy_406, who also notes: "Likes to eat most things, including the paint off the fake rock.", (182) joepleco, (183) Numbers (k: 122), (184) worldwide73, (185) Moosipher, who also notes: "Veiltail hybrid ", (186) oxdeleon, (187) aaalrust, (188) kabaltah (k: 12), (189) Dongjin-Kang (k: 5), (190) plumbob3VRK6J5, (191) The Highlander (p: 3), (192) DaveW (k: 9), who also notes: "Growing out several calico longfin, some brown and some albino longfin. Couple of brown and albino shortfin for tank clearners also. 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Males also so seemed to chase off other bns or any other fish when near food too.", (304) lokii_37, (305) dr_philatelist, (306) miss_miriam_86, (307) Greggyfest, (308) Raptor (k: 8), (309), (310) ucdxmisty, (311) jprp (p: 2, k: 300), (312) Derzel, (313) flappinganimal, (314) leej24 (k: 53), (315) gr8plecos, (316) Sumners83, (317) raymond, (318) Lesley_B, (319) elle_1313 (p: 3), (320) schoie, (321) lnumbers63 (k: 2), who also notes: "2 albinos. The female I have had for over 2 years. The male is younger and have had him for about 6 months (as at 25/10/2009. Great fish to keep. They stand out against the wood in the tank and they are very much diurnal and not shy.", (322) stuart264 (p: 2, k: 4), (323) oli (k: 3), (324) arcsb (k: 2), (325) ayrtoninst (k: 4), (326) niallborwell, (327) J-Lia, (328) Kyleonfire (k: 2), who also notes: "Fantastic pleco. Great algae eater and all-around scavenger. My most recommended pleco.", (329) drpleco (k: 83), (330) 2wheelsx2 (p: 5, k: 13), who also notes: "These were moved to the 125 some time in the summer.", "One died in the summer. Calico variant. All passed with the unknown infection in January.", "2 juvie long finned Calico variety from Davej.", "2 calico LFBN from Davej", (331) LowClassCC, (332) via_mala, (333) asxu (k: 2), who also notes: "Had a batch of eggs layed on Christmas Day (2009), which have now hatched and are growing quite steadily - unsure of numbers yet.", (334) lethalcustoms00, (335) johnw63, (336) David Fnt (k: 3), (337) barneybulldog, (338) shazarna (k: 2), (339) Persephone, (340) Ullopincrate (k: 2), (341) Nx7 (k: 3), (342) PeterUK (k: 55), (343) WhiteLomu (k: 4), (344) dpk2313, (345) Industrial, (346) coelacanth, (347) fuzzytigerbird, (348) lhafvens, (349) Barracuda518 (k: 6), (350) EHEIM~ADDICT (p: 2), (351) andy75, (352) ocnluv13 (k: 2), (353) stefanfischer (k: 102), (354) tazscroggy (k: 41), who also notes: "Phineas (Female) Camo (Male) Pinky (Albino Male) Peaches (Albino Female", (355) valladares, (356) shere khan (k: 12), (357) ravyk, (358) Kestrix, (359) robert521, (360) Tony, (361) Avinitlarge (p: 2, k: 2), (362) rdp50734, (363) Astrea, (364) cichlidman16yearsold, (365) darkruse, (366) xander (k: 22), (367) satony, (368) hossma, (369) musilvr4eva (k: 2), who also notes: "One albino longfin bristlenose and one bristlenose", (370) electrophyste (k: 2), (371) mummymonkey (k: 6), (372) TRD (p: 2, k: 15), who also notes: "Might be more than 10. There is both male and female and a variation of sizes from 2.5cm (1") up to 12-13cm (5"). If they breed I doubt any juveniles would survive since I got two polypterus senegalus albino in there too.", (373) ChanggyChinggy, (374) TheFishGuy, (375) Ozcattie, (376) Melander (p: 2, k: 22), (377) mattymodo, who also notes: "Just got these two of my aunt who's fish just breed like mad! Lovely wierd looking fish and their only kids.", (378) cpfc (k: 2), (379) arthos, who also notes: "lovely fish, show itself a lot and she is a greant cleaner!", (380) Hansen (p: 3, k: 6), who also notes: "Albino", "Albino/Gold", (381) wimmels, (382) huffmagx (k: 17), who also notes: "Purchased the Albino SF form and the ALbino LF form of this lovely little bristle nose. ", (383) Hellspawn, who also notes: "All youngsters are sold. Still have the female, which is I guess around 13 years old. Bought at LFS in 2003. Beware of eating habits of the young. They will eat anything, including fish food for other species leaving nothing for the other fish. I even spotted a group of them cleaning out an apple snail shell. They pulled the dead snail out and ate it overnight.", (384) bulldogsimon (k: 2), (385) nixmix, (386) tspaceace68, (387) richoman_3, (388) hoody47, (389) verbal (k: 15), (390) crkinney (k: 8), (391) highoctane500, (392) jefflamb (k: 3), (393) otgarza, (394) wobbler (k: 3), (395) NC24, (396) fat cat (p: 5), (397) daniela (k: 4), (398) centropy (k: 2), who also notes: "Super Red Variant", (399) Brisch, (400) phypes, (401) avianwing, (402) plecorocks, (403) 000, (404) alsvidur (k: 2), (405) jabones (p: 2, k: 4), who also notes: "Super red", (406) TerryCherry (k: 7), who also notes: "Didnt know we'd had babies, spotted them at about 1/2 " long. Mother is albino, father is either albino or dark color, all babies dark color.", (407) PlatinumSM (k: 2), who also notes: "1 Albino Male & 1 Brown Long-Finned Male", (408) ginagv, who also notes: "ALBINO VERSION: "Shop-Vac" (husband named him) can you tell? He loves his zucchini and cucumber too..", (409) Dee (k: 2), (410) zebra1, (411) adrisdad (k: 2), (412) Acanthicus, (413) tunafish, (414) saladin1, (415) Matt30, (416) hankinswood (k: 2), (417) excuzzzeme (k: 14), (418) andysfishhouse, (419) AndiH (k: 27), (420) MMK1996, (421) theblackrose1369, (422) mike h, (423) jimlaroche83 (p: 3, k: 7), (424) WoonyFishMan (p: 2, k: 17), (425) snakelover, (426) simmy (p: 2), (427) Dan101 (p: 2), (428) LaMPPoST, (429) Harry94 (k: 2), (430) uffe (p: 2, k: 4), (431) ltaylor88, (432) AquaristJoel (p: 2, k: 2), who also notes: "Albino Bristlenose.", (433) syno321, (434) Taz (k: 18), who also notes: "My oldest one died aged 13 1/2.", (435) mangopleco (p: 2), (436) araceae (k: 3), (437) Quo (k: 4), (438) Darren Balch (k: 19), (439) littlebristlenose (p: 2, k: 400), who also notes: "Can be breed any most water conditions best starter catfish to breed. Female line is 22 years old.", (440) arapaimag (k: 200), (441) Anthonyck (p: 2, k: 25), who also notes: "One of original juvenile pair lost. Other has grown considerably. Second added later, which is also growing and thriving. After initial shyness, both are visible and enjoyed most of the time. All have been albino variety. May 2012 - One male lost after transplanting to another tank. Large male still doing very well. Presumed to be eating a lot of plant snail young and eggs, but shares that duty with zebra loaches. 7/18/12 - Added a juvenile of unknown sex. Feb 14 2015 - two adult males and two adult females are well in the 75 gal tank. One pair had spawned but I believe all were lost to predation of tank mates before I knew we had eggs. 4/16/15 Two spawnings have produced about 20 fry. These are in a second tank currently.", "Both turned out to be females, so I have two girls in one tank, and two boys in another. All are comfortable, so I am nervous to transplant anyone. ...some months later, one of the females ate herself to death. I found her stuffed, in an exaggerates fashion, with dark green algae in her belly. March 2012 - I had to move two of my tanks, so I transplanted the smaller of two very healthy males to this tank. Within two days, this fish suffered the same fate as above. I have no explanation for this. 7/18/12 - Added a juvenile of unknown sex.", (442) bluestbluedog (k: 2), (443) jvision (k: 6), (444) leslie, (445) madmacaw, (446) oszy77, (447) extratea, (448) bartian (k: 2), (449) financialfoodie (k: 2), who also notes: "Recieved my first (a female, probably juvienile) as a door prize at the March 2011 meeting", (450) theos911, (451) scrup, (452) linden09, (453) Draco Spectrum (k: 2), (454) tsvjus (p: 3, k: 3), (455) Starfish42 (p: 2, k: 4), who also notes: "I bought one of the males from the shop, together with a female. The female has since died, but for a while they spawned regularly. The other 3 are all home bred.", (456) reefdive, (457) pink_fish, (458) clydeboy, who also notes: "1 with cream/beige markings.", (459) MonsterTankMaster, (460) tagamasid1023 (p: 2, k: 2), who also notes: "Reclusive nowadays.", (461) Duster1971, (462) catfishhunter, (463) donpetty (k: 66), (464) AquariumLover04 (p: 2, k: 3), (465) somethingpishy1, (466) corielover (p: 2, k: 2), who also notes: "This fish is awesome, but sensitive to temperature.", "Awesome fish, one of the most friendly too, likes climbing on my arm and hand, but very docile, never bothers other fish. Cleans algae well too. Very active, a visible part of the tank.", (467) xakkan (p: 3, k: 27), (468) andregurov (p: 2, k: 6), (469) Mata Negra (p: 2, k: 7), who also notes: "Albino", (470) backstreetgambler (k: 38), (471) milosz (k: 13), (472) Akeath, who also notes: "African Mopani wood is too hard for him to chew well, he does much better on Malaysian Driftwood. Very gentle and shy. Excellent algae eater.", (473) fahaka (k: 40), (474) adcc (k: 5), (475) krb (p: 2, k: 11), who also notes: "Feeding green beans, sliced cucumbers and zucchini, homemade frozen food (peas, green beans, spinach, spirulina)", (476) feesh (k: 2), (477) wendy333 (p: 2), (478) LMC1062, (479) den bruine, (480) jeff.l, (481) pixie (k: 4), (482) Terrycherry (k: 3), (483) Sargy60, (484) tomr (k: 8), (485) sendthis, (486) markmoten (p: 3, k: 10), (487) Alisana (p: 2), (488) anthonyking, (489) Catfish freak, (490) dolgolev (p: 2, k: 4), (491) slayer5590 (k: 4), who also notes: "Lost 1 male on 08-19-2013.", (492) dav (k: 6), (493) james gilbertson (p: 2, k: 6), (494) Arlington (k: 4), (495) vb75 (k: 2), (496) nevermore781, (497) Lee A. (p: 3, k: 2), (498) jamos, (499) archaquatics, (500) mrfishydude, (501) jessonthenet, (502) bluefish1, (503) transporter42 (p: 2), (504) plecusmaximus10 (p: 2, k: 2), (505) [LeX], (506) Hoyo12, (507) Gsneufeld (k: 2), (508) tamara (k: 12), who also notes: "Keep Albinos and Common Bristlenose", (509) Fruityscone, (510) TerriM (k: 6), (511) Jaycal, (512) agusmeteor, (513) Torii, (514) Apostolis (k: 3), (515) Syno Rey (p: 2, k: 5), (516) todd1978, (517) Doras (k: 4), (518) paleatus (k: 2), (519) FerocactusLatispinus (k: 2), who also notes: "1 amelanistic named Pooter and 1 melanistic named Looter. R.I.P. 1 melantistic adult female named Scooter. Scooter had often exhibited self-induced tonic immobility! In the accompanying photo, observe her "lying in state"! I figure she enjoyed this since it helped her respire a lot easier. She also had little patience for any fish swimming between her and her food.", (520) Woodza73 (k: 5), who also notes: "Also Un-numbered group of Albino varietys.", (521) tobocrs, (522) technogeek, (523) thefredpit (p: 8, k: 41), (524) Beniji, (525) simondm (k: 7), (526) len.weideman (p: 2, k: 9), (527) dj_rose, (528) dragonstyle, (529) Travis Webb (k: 168), (530) Vikachu, (531) Sean OB (p: 2), (532) mickeymygrey, (533) soccerwardox, (534) dan1984, (535) m1ke715m, (536) çaykaralı, (537) mudster69, (538) Colin Keightley, (539) psyk1 (p: 2), (540) GhostArcher (k: 6), (541) msheresy (k: 4), (542) hovlandl, (543) Olias, who also notes: "He's a little reclusive, but comes out at night and sits on the tank wall.", (544) corsairF4U (p: 2, k: 11), who also notes: "Super red", "Super red long fin", (545) nmatt, who also notes: "Super Red variant. Lives in a gap in the bogwood and occasionally comes out during daylight hours to forage and at feeding time. Excepts most foods algae wafers, pellets, courgette and cucumber being the bulk of his diet. He is an impressive looking fish especially when he flares his gills. He has become very dark orange in colouration in the last few years. Very peaceful and docile can be a little skittish on occasions.", (546) miguel mitchel (k: 2), (547) Anthony King, (548) rasaabt (k: 4), (549) XxYoungAquaristxX, (550) Andy1927 (k: 3), (551) Brandon93, (552) freddynietzsche, (553) linuxrulesusa (k: 4), (554) bullseyejoey, (555) stezatois, (556) AlphaWolf1995 (k: 36), (557) jpicker13, who also notes: "I found this species to be easy to keep and nice to have in the tank because the albino version stands out well.", (558) Yoshi, (559) jonhybravo2 (k: 8), who also notes: "I have one very large Ansestris brown with 2 Juveniles. I also have 5 albino 1 adult male and 2 adult females. 2 of which I am not sure of yet. They may be females since I have not yet seen them present bristles yet. Had my first spawn but none survived. Can't wait for more.", (560) Ydnef, (561) mcaquatic, (562) thereverendturtle (k: 7), (563) SirCastic, (564) the pleco guy (p: 2), (565) kieranvowles (k: 3), who also notes: "I have 1 albino male and female and 1 normal male in a Malawi setup, the have mated several times but the eggs are always eaten by my other fish.", (566) crazy4bettas (p: 3, k: 15), who also notes: "Currently have one pair Veiltail chocolate, F1 raised by me; about one year old.", "Unsure if long fin or short fin - suspect short fin. Chocolate color", "Green dragon coloration short fin", (567) jodilynn, who also notes: "Ugly is the only word to describe "Jabba", he is the albino form, but he is a neon yellow, flat as a pancake and has a deformed tail (which we didn't notice at the time of purchase). Hangs out under a piece of driftwood waiting to be fed, much like his namesake.", (568) rizla75 (p: 2), (569) Flatriver (k: 11), who also notes: "Currently breeding with a male brown bristlenose.", (570) bahid, (571) Atmichaels (k: 6), (572) DKcincy, (573) Pestey, (574) MrsJP (k: 7), (575) amacintosh (p: 2, k: 2), (576) HobbitCat, (577) Shazray, (578) matimcfly, (579) uaru (k: 51), (580) bullseyejoey4 (p: 2), (581) wardtimothy, (582) crazyjock (k: 4), who also notes: "Super red", (583) Xandoz, (584) TaraJ74 (k: 13), (585) Alexandermaule, (586) lilu (p: 2, k: 3), who also notes: "Very prolific breeders.", "Albino veil tail", (587) randomsam1001, (588) dav3tip, (589) Animusartificio (k: 2), (590) summoner2183, (591) Dark Rose (p: 2, k: 2), (592) Kiara1125, (593) jorgehdzy, (594) flatfish (k: 3), (595) Rebel00357 (p: 3, k: 102), who also notes: "Albino", "Green Dragon", "Super Reds", (596) AnnaIsabel, (597) seriouslycichlids (k: 218), (598) JoelyE95, (599) Valb68 (p: 2, k: 86), (600) simonkirby1985, (601) frog72 (p: 2, k: 79), (602) Jdmcfast (p: 2), (603) parrot1974 (k: 2), who also notes: "Lots of chasing and breeding activity in last week of August after a 50% water change. Male chose slate cave and has been fanning since then.", (604) EsoticoAquatics (k: 30), who also notes: "Albino Short-Fin, Bristle-Nose Plecostomus Ancistrus Species "Yellow Ancistrus" Sp. (Captive Bred) PH: 6.5 to 7.4 and 74 to 79 degrees (F) Adult Size: 4 to 5+ inches", (605) asaman (p: 3, k: 34), who also notes: "2 super red", (606) HUNdani, who also notes: "Reproduction: The mature male's got some outgrowth on their heads .Easily can we grow the community tank as well. The eggs are orange and large glue them on top of the nest by the female. The male juvenile to hatching watch over them. Young people keep feeding until tender steamed vegetables.", (607) CodOnMyRod, (608) fishdoc313 (k: 3), who also notes: "Red calico", (609) schant, (610) .Plecomania. (k: 3), who also notes: "These fish are cool! Currently keeping 3 red BNs.", (611) mikemaes (k: 5), (612) Templeflower (k: 3), who also notes: "Super red variety", (613) kimbo, (614) Stefan2013 (k: 2), (615) lightseeker5000 (p: 2, k: 5), who also notes: "2 (still juvenile) female Albinos", "Brown regular fin. adopted a full grown male.", (616) Monkeh (k: 2), (617) PiggyCutie (k: 62), who also notes: "Male is wild caught, female unknown origins", (618) Jacksta, (619) emacartoon, (620) LostYeti (p: 2, k: 8), (621) chriscoli, (622) Nikita (p: 2, k: 4), who also notes: "Albino veiltail variety, sub-adult", (623) labyazilim, (624) Divinehammer, (625) Tamcon83 (p: 3, k: 12), (626) Sylvain (k: 2), (627) plecokim (p: 3, k: 4), (628) wax32, (629) JG, (630) Natey22 (p: 3), (631) mp1973, (632) Milan, (633) Sfamnun (k: 2), (634) Anuk, (635) misskeets (k: 2), (636) fishay12, who also notes: "My favorite fish :)", (637) citizencurt, (638) tyrone147, (639) Matturbin, (640) davidcook3, (641) GazzaEsq, (642) dethmann, (643) Doole, (644) blazinabi (k: 15), (645) StefanG (p: 3, k: 97), (646) MarcusO (k: 11), (647) Sandraaustin, (648) Nianyu, who also notes: "This is Henry (Or Henrietta, it's still a juvenile) He/she loves the driftwood, artificial cave decoration, and the various smooth rocks I have half-buried in the sand of my tank. He/she also loves cucumbers and whatever fuzzy stuff is growing on my driftwood, and sucks little paths through it. Surprisingly active during the day for a nocturnal fish.", (649) DaveH (k: 5), (650) TohokuChris, (651) Lozza64 (k: 56), (652) inatthedeepend (k: 24), who also notes: "Male very territorial, was guarding a hollow plastic log fiercely. Then made his own burrow underneath a large flat stone and a piece of driftwood, a beautifully ugly fish getting more bristly every time. Fully grown when I bought him, apparently wild caught. Female much less timid, I've even managed to handfeed her once. Regular, proven breeders, I'm in the process of setting up a third tank for this pair, with some misc fry being grown on that I bought from a third party source - I'm hoping for 2-3 females to complete a nice breeding colony. There are 10 fry being brought on before weeding out the males, and I have 12 fry retained from the previous hatching, growing them on a little more before selling.", (653) cicrush13 (p: 2, k: 135), who also notes: "Very good at guarding fry. I have longfin with the albino gene. Also keeping shortfin super reds.", (654) Katking, (655) acharman, (656) Divemaster, (657) funkyt, (658) Brookieboy2001, (659) Mruaru, (660) rcbows (p: 2, k: 507), who also notes: "All sizes for sale! Bred as mated pairs in 5.5 gallon tanks. Cool water, neutral pH, ceramic cave, Terta-min fed flake and Algae wafers. Some contain the Albino gene.Large Males or Females and Proven breeders available. Excellent small tank algae cleaners. I have at least (25) Breeding Pairs, some albino's and some Brown Long-fin! Can supply Quantities if needed!", "Purchased (4) sent (7) Great looking Super Reds ancistrus!", (661) chewy922, (662) pitbull13, (663) Bardot (k: 2), who also notes: "Super Reds", (664) NCE12940 (k: 24), who also notes: "Entertaining characters, not shy at all", (665) ChristianKline (k: 2), (666) glasscats (p: 2), (667) dpm1, who also notes: "Originally bought as a baby for a neighbour I didn't have the heart to put it in their Tank of Death. She alternates between shy and hidden, and out and active. She is also everything but a plain brown plec with a different look every day according to mood, lighting and resting place.", (668) Supercorygirl, (669) originalhandy, (670) guardianfyre, (671) Oceanica, (672) bekateen (p: 2, k: 104), who also notes: "After five months of observation, my pair of albino BNs have been spawning every 18 days ± 1 day, like clockwork, on schedule each cycle! I suspect that's controlled by the timing of the female's ovaries and her ability to produce eggs. Now I separated the parents to slow them down.", (673) hdbikersbabe (p: 3, k: 6), (674) Narelle, who also notes: "Also had a male albino that was her sibling, but he went missing and is presumed dead.", (675) Bioaquatix (p: 2, k: 620), who also notes: "A buddy of mine gave me a nice size colony with young when he was moving and had to break down his fish room. I have setup 10 tanks of breeders and have been producing fry. These fish are very hardy and make tank mates. I currently have albino and albino long fin. I am looking to add some of the other varieties to my colony.", (676) FishnFins, (677) o_beas, (678) irshprncsk (p: 4, k: 53), who also notes: "1 pair albino, 3 female wild type, 1 calico male, 2 juv calico, 1 long fin calico male, 2 juv green dragon, 4 juv long fin super red, wild (carry calico) and albino fry.", (679) lynja321, (680) sushi1980, (681) Johnny579, (682) miniloo78 (k: 3), who also notes: "New to keeping these I have a thing for cats and plecos, if I could afford more tanks I would keep lots, so far they seem happy, they love cucumber and courgette, algae wafers, and especially seem to like my bogwood, I have added another bogwood and a cave a few tudes, and a java moss ball. They all share with my humbug, there doesn't seam to be a domanace issue.", (683) Mariska (p: 2, k: 5), (684) Psy (p: 2, k: 5), (685) zn30, (686) matt1628 (k: 3), (687) sunstar93 (k: 2), who also notes: "Have one male and one female, extremely active and will eat just about anything. My third attempt at keeping these guys and I'm finally have success!", (688) miles44 (k: 4), (689) shad0wfish, (690) hummer4444 (p: 3, k: 6), who also notes: "Albino Longfin", "Longfin", (691) nytenoir (p: 3, k: 10), who also notes: "4 standard coloration 1 longfin male 1 shortcomings male 1 longfin female 1 shortfin female 2 longfin Albino females", "Albino short fin variety. Yellow not white", "2 albino longfin from Florida(got 3 but 1 climbed out of the tank morning after arrival) 1 shortfin albino (yellow more then white)", (692) LasagnaPleco, (693) Arron_N, (694) minipol (k: 3), (695) TriLamb13, (696) neptunestide90, (697) LoupeNordique, (698) PlecosAndLoaches (k: 11), (699) Leo65779, (700) indeliKate (p: 3), (701) monsterfishkeeper (p: 4, k: 127), who also notes: "I won 4 green dragon long fin ancistrus and have been keeping them at 75°F and they are doing great", "Grow very fast", (702) TheDoctor (k: 2), (703) rmc (k: 3), (704) Papiman, (705) gerwen, (706) hooliganATV, (707) Jordanlewis100, who also notes: "Very easy fish to keep eats all the usual pleco foods and likes to rest on bogwood had this fish for 2 and a half years now and is the gold/albino colour form. Update 19-02-17: still around 4" and fat!", (708) rootbear, (709) FreshwaterQWERTY, (710) Deb (p: 3, k: 3), who also notes: "One tiny, golden (albino), slightly longfin baby from a friend.", "Received as a baby from my friend's accidental spawn of a longfin albino bn and a regular brown bn. My fish is a veiltail as a result. Only 2 or 3 in this group were longtail browns.", "Tankmates are 50+ exclamation point rasbora (Boraras urophthalmoides).", (711) janmoto, (712) mickf1 (p: 2), (713) reverendturtle (k: 22), (714) ad88, (715) Sugeknight, (716) StormMoon (k: 3), (717) DutchAussie (k: 3), (718) richnlou11, (719) Lee1980 (p: 3), (720) JeanPro, (721) Wingostar, (722) Carolus (p: 2), (723) pleco171182 (k: 2), (724) joclru, (725) PaperDoves (p: 5, k: 10), who also notes: "Calicos.", "Longfin green dragons.", (726) makellr, (727) PlecFan (p: 3, k: 7), (728) r7man (k: 55), (729) joshuasmith94, (730) SteveR (p: 2, k: 60), who also notes: "Super Red Bristlenose (Ancistrus Cirrhosus), only youngsters at the moment, but the plan is to grow them on and breed them.", "Albino Bristlenose (Ancistrus Cirrhosus)", (731) Forester, (732) stormwarrior (k: 17), (733) Beckie (p: 3, k: 4), (734) zreynoldsp (p: 2), (735) CoryCatfish1212 (p: 3, k: 86), who also notes: "A pleco tank with lots of bushy nose morphs.", (736) anil-786 (k: 4), (737) MattQ, (738) BrassFinger (p: 2, k: 2), (739) Lemmen (k: 41), (740) Wyomingite (k: 51), (741) sweetkitty, (742) Beminus, (743) FishJunky (p: 6), (744) gulogulo (p: 5, k: 107), who also notes: "Albino", (745) Dalek Tzet, (746) Paul, (747) Tash784, (748) pleconut (p: 5, k: 27), who also notes: "Started off with 1 pair was spawning every month... Female died think she was eggbound. Male had given her a hard time trying to get her to spawn. Have now found another female has a bit of growing to do. Male spawned along with another male and female of a standard pair resulting in over 120 fry standard pair rehomed.", "He's the biggest BN I've ever seen. She is twice as small. Left a good amount of their babies at the LFS.", "Standard, Albinos, Super reds, Blue eyed Lemons, Calicos. Variety of longfins and standards, from these only the standard trio are old enough to breed and regularly do. All the others are juveniles/subadults growing on to be separated off when breedable age, so many fry, I've lost count!!", (749) KSquared (p: 2, k: 4), (750) bbetta, (751) Plumbum, (752) littletoot2016, (753) sommit (k: 3), (754) aquaoahu, (755) troutperchbeeman, (756) fishy1 (p: 7, k: 91), who also notes: "1 of the 3 common Bristlenose I have", "Calico Super Red", "Calico Longfin Fry and Male", "Super Red Bristlenose Pleco", "Green Dragon Strain", (757) Departure (k: 152), (758) fishyNZ, (759) Zcooby, (760) Annamtau, (761) comadrreja, (762) ren, (763) mad357, (764) hopiwas, (765) Chilo_glanis (k: 3), (766) ThePsychotiCatfish, who also notes: "Active for a pleco. Full of character and stands toe to toe with a pictus and yoyo loaches at feeding time.", (767) mn011890, (768) RinRin45 (k: 2), (769) Fundulopanchax76 (p: 2, k: 61), (770) johanwre, (771) Devhen98, (772) antonyb93, (773) Camsmith5215, (774) NuclearCoast, (775) Lutt, (776) evojoey, (777) ThePoseidon (k: 4), who also notes: "1 male Albino Piebald/Green Dragon 1 male Featherfin Piebald/Green Dragon 1 juvenile Piebald/Green Dragon 1 juvenile albino", (778) Fish777 (p: 3, k: 13), who also notes: "Honeycomb type w/white seam", "Blue eyed leucistic. Looks nice 5" now, added 2 super red females at 2" from 20l. Hope they spawn.", "Super Red. 4 more on 5-19-2016;9 from Aquabid lost 4 a couple months later. I have 10 total in 4 tanks ,4 in with African cichlids. 2 females left from the nine moved in with blue eye leucistic", (779) catquariauk, (780) Stalin, who also notes: "Rarely ever see him. Hes doing a great job at keeping the tank clean though.", (781) LIttlewing6was9 (k: 4), who also notes: "All 4 are doing well.This picture shows the 2 biggest who have been very playful recently. None have bristles yet. I bought them about 2 months ago. There is one smaller than the others although he/is healthy and active. They are currently in a 40 litre tank with 6 juvenile golden tetra a female Siamese Fighter and 2 female juvenile Swordtails i raised myself. Im looking forward to adding them to my 60 litre that has 6 neons 2 albino Corycats a Japanese fire bellied newt (age 7) an African dwarf frog and my 10 year old gold marble angelfish. They will love it in there. They have become my ultimate favourite. They are now in a 100 litre tank and all 4 are doing well. They are a year old, i think.", (782) ajw9356 (p: 3, k: 17), (783) porinocoense, who also notes: "Easily the best pet pleco. Small, leaves plants alone, non-aggressive, and overall an interesting fish.", (784) fishiephil, (785) dicten, (786) antoxa85 (k: 20), (787) zopie, (788) PlecoPunk (k: 2), (789) bedwetter, (790) kumarkolekar (k: 229), (791) Projectpleco (k: 4), who also notes: "2 albino longfin 1 possibly piebald morph 1 regular morph", (792) KeXx (p: 2, k: 81), (793) nvcichlids (k: 3), who also notes: "Albinos", (794) Koen (p: 3, k: 6), (795) Taja (k: 4), (796) jmw975 (p: 2), (797) thebamafan (k: 2), who also notes: "No real notes right now. These guys must be juveniles because they are very active all the time. They have not begun hiding during the day like documentation says they will.", (798) Tocinoyhuevos, (799) reyderrs, (800) Snailsting (k: 2), (801) 1Opsophagos, (802) protopterus, (803) Nadiboy, (804) BnIsaac, (805) adelinoarrais, (806) Miss Stevie Brianna, (807) Redhairedsniper (k: 8), who also notes: "I have 7 juveniles albinos and one fairly large female of normal coloration.", (808) scolba (p: 2), (809) kenjarle, (810) grebo45, (811) PepperVirginia, (812) jelly (k: 22), (813) Robindegroote, (814) dmfd0331, (815) Waschiewoo, (816) CoryCats655, who also notes: "Herleve is the female of the pair of Ancistrus in this aquarium. I have owned these two for a long time.", (817) hovmoller, (818) JoWhiteFox, (819) Medievalmum (k: 32), (820) Kd67 (k: 4), (821) Mr.ToR (p: 2), (822) d3n2, (823) Theblobfishman (p: 2, k: 2), (824) BullFishkeeping, (825) Brackon, (826) manyfishmurphy (k: 5), (827) Steewen, (828) msafdel (k: 2), (829) Finaddix Aquatics, (830) L-Cait, (831) Snowyj99 (p: 2), (832) Goodeid608, (833) FishyMcFishFish (p: 3, k: 14), (834) aryface, who also notes: "Calico ancistrus", (835) miyarro, (836) danielpblue (k: 12), (837) CrazyCatLady (k: 2), (838) reardons, (839) jaenowell (p: 2, k: 42), (840) donttellmywife, (841) KCZ4 (k: 15), (842) Peixes, (843) SLIMESLAYER10 (k: 202), (844) riverotter, (845) CesarPleco, (846) jacobshikora (k: 109), who also notes: "I keep a colony of longfin mixed brown/albino BNs in a 75 gallon tank. I have a separate colony of longfin calico variety that produce brown, calico, albino, and super red offspring. I also keep a colony of standard fin green dragon that produce green dragon and albino green dragon offspring.", (847) vorka (k: 2), (848) MattHunt, (849) PHHorst, (850) Flatdog, (851) meck3427 (k: 4), who also notes: "Albinos", (852) Mexnotex, (853) timd (p: 2, k: 2), (854) Albert, (855) ThatPlecoGuy (p: 3), (856) Bristle Toes, (857) WadeNCreeks (p: 5, k: 6), (858) rs12178, (859) irackers, (860) Loc (p: 2), (861) unicornfish (k: 5), (862) user367, (863) Rille92, (864) scoobiemandan, (865) conor, (866) lochness, (867) CuyahogaAquatics (k: 62), (868) Lycosid, (869) sophienlee1503, (870) Pongsansoy (k: 8), (871) ScottWater (p: 3, k: 4), (872) pointpleco (p: 5, k: 216), who also notes: "A great fish as everyone knows, good price to buy and cleans the tank well. And a good looking fish and easy to breed so it's fun to make a bit of spare $$$.", "A very beautiful fish, one of my favourites i have owned so far. I have bred 4 batches in 3 and a half months. So seem easy enough so far.", "Tank actually has 11, in photo there is more but all are sold. Great fish excellent for cleaning tanks and breeding.", "Cool fish have many and have bred many.", "Best cleaner fish, and these are even better because of the longfins.", (873) Generation, (874) tsin21, (875) Twigcat, (876) Iamfish, (877) victor5947 (p: 2), (878) Lisa C (p: 2), (879) minion6, (880) javibcn91 (k: 3), (881) LucF1450 (p: 4, k: 13).

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Breeding Reports(1) SLIMESLAYER10 (b: 62), (2) krazyGeoff (b: 60), (3) corsairF4U (b: 60), (4) bekateen (b: 60), (5) uaru (b: 59), (6) Valb68 (b: 56), (7) pointpleco (b: 55), (8) Atmichaels (b: 54), (9) fishdoc313 (b: 50), (10) pleconut (b: 49), (11) CodOnMyRod (b: 48), (12) gulogulo (b: 46), (13) GhostArcher (b: 45), (14) rmc (b: 43), (15) comadrreja (b: 43), (16) Taja (b: 41), (17) Joren56 (b: 40), (18) parrot1974 (b: 40), (19) crazy4bettas (b: 39), (20) cicrush13 (b: 39), (21) ren (b: 37), (22) Carp37 (b: 36), (23) donpetty (b: 35), (24) mangopleco (b: 33), (25) ScottWater (b: 33), (26) Departure (b: 32), (27) AleGer (b: 31), (28) antoxa85 (b: 31), (29) Kd67 (b: 30), (30) labyazilim (b: 26), (31) DaveH (b: 26), (32) Bristle Toes (b: 20), (33) makellr (b: 18), (34) jamos (b: 16), (35) simondm (b: 13), (36) AlphaWolf1995 (b: 13), (37) JoelyE95 (b: 13), (38) HUNdani (b: 13), (39) tyrone147 (b: 13), (40) Tamcon83 (b: 13), (41) Forester (b: 13), (42) Wyomingite (b: 13), (43) fishy1 (b: 13), (44) FishyMcFishFish (b: 12), (45) Travis Webb (b: 11), (46) john82 (b: 10), (47) backstreetgambler (b: 10), (48) tomr (b: 10), (49) francistrus (b: 10), (50) plecokim (b: 10), (51) inatthedeepend (b: 10), (52) jmw975 (b: 10), (53) d3n2 (b: 10), (54) TerriM (b: 9), (55) Lutt (b: 9), (56) Templeflower (b: 8), (57) Andy1927 (b: 8), (58) lilu (b: 8), (59) troutperchbeeman (b: 8), (60) Lisa C (b: 8), (61) thefredpit (b: 7), (62) hdbikersbabe (b: 7), (63) sushi1980 (b: 7), (64) MatsP (b: 1).
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