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Bandit Cory, Masked Cory, Meta River Cory, Meta-pansermalle (Denmark), Panzerwels/Corydoras - Catfish (Germany) - Corydoras(ln9) metae   Eigenmann, 1914

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded January 01, 1997.

This species is special to me as it was one of the first Corydoras I kept. Corydoras are, as a genus, the most commonly kept aquarium catfish and quite deservedly so. Their behaviour is impeccable and they are, as catfish go, not afraid of light. There is little in our hobby more enchanting than a few dozen strong shoal of Corydoras swimming en masse.

I chose this fish to be the first Corydoras Catfish of the Month because to me it is the "classic" Cory. Not especially common, it's a find but not a rareity. It's characteristically short and stubby, relatively undemanding and occasionally confused with a few other species just to add a little spice and that lingering double check from the experienced local fish shop browser. From time to time rare or unusual Corydoras species appear amongst shipments of wild caught Corydoras. This is true of tankfuls of C. metae where you can sometimes find a real bargain.

On the subject of identity confusion (of which there is plenty with Corydoras), C. metae is often confused with C. melini (which has an unbroken black stripe from dorsal to caudal fins, C. metae has no colour on its caudal fin or mid-body flanks) and occasionally C. davidsandsi (Lighter, more orange basic colouration and slightly more elongate body). There is also an "imitator" long-snouted species (C. simulatus) which is a real find. Happy Cory Hunting!

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