Planet Catfish Announcement: 5 May 2006

The title says it all.
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Planet Catfish Announcement: 5 May 2006

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Yes, I know the catfish of the month is late! I will write it just as soon as I finish this announcement. I thought it about time to unveil the working project currently in progress at Planet to revamp the cat-elog. The current one has been in its present form for several years and although added to successfully in that time, itâ??s just getting too big!

So, weâ??re moving to a fully database driven model which is being developed in my spare time, if youâ??re interested, itâ??s online for you to try out at .

Feel free to check it out and leave your feedback only at ... hp?t=15700 please! Please also bear in mind this isn't even in beta test phase yet but we like to keep you bang up-to-date.

Further announcements will follow!