Glypto second time round

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Conny Boon
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Glypto second time round

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When I first bought my plec I thought it was an albino sailfin plec ( later I noticed his black eyes) but after one week he was rusty/orange. thats when I first thought it could be a glyptoperichys scrophus. Do you think Iam right? Now 3 weeks later he has turned dark brown. I know fish can be off colour but as much as that.....?

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Now thats quite a difference, I think it looked better white.

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You'd be surprised at how much color on a fish can change due to stress or environment. One clue that this is not an albino is the pattern of spots (faint but discernible) on the fins. In many cases, color can disappear almost entirely, but it is still possible to make out the position of the melanophores on the body or fins (especially the fins).

Heok Hee

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