help for identification.

Did you know fantastic help is an anagram of Planet Catfish? This forum is for those of you with pictures of your catfish who are looking for help identifying them. There are many here to help and a firm ID is the first step towards keeping your catfish in the best conditions.
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help for identification.

Post by julianformosa »

hello, This specimen was captured in Formosa, Argentina. I need help to identify it. Thank you.

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Re: help for identification.

Post by bekateen »

Probably Hypostomus formosae.

Cheers, Eric
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Re: help for identification.

Post by kamas88 »


second option would be H. boulengeri which has a greatly overlapping distribution.
The most evident criterion for differentiating those two is the snout tip (naked vs. fully plated) which unfortunately is not clearly visible on the pics.
Color pattern would be matching for both.



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