Cory Melanistius or Delphax?

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Cory Melanistius or Delphax?

Post by sdawson1969 »

First time poster. I have three Cory Melanistius (or do I?) that I got locally a few months back. I'd very much like to get more of them but they have never re-stocked them. I took all they had. As a result, these guys are very skittish indeed.

Looking online for a definitive ID I see photos for both Delphax and Melanistius that look remarkably similar to mine.

I have attached some photos of mine below. I apologize for the poor quality but they stay far away from me at best.

Maybe the PlanetCatfish cognoscenti will be able to tease them out?

Thanks in advance! SD

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Re: Cory Melanistius or Delphax?

Post by bekateen »

Hi sdawson1969,

Welcome to PlanetCatfish! :-)

For sure you have Corydoras(ln8sc4) delphax. C. melanistius is a short snouted (lineage 9) fish. Your fish has the straight, somewhat long snout of lineage 8 subgroup 4. Lovely fish. I have a few myself.

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