Re: Can someone ID my pleco

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Re: Can someone ID my pleco

Post by Apm55 »

Can someone ID my pleco
( first pic in pipe )
( second pic is in cave )
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Re: Re: Can someone ID my pleco

Post by bekateen »

Hi Apm,

Thanks for posting here. From our previous discussions on FB, I think the slender body of this fish rules out Peckoltia lineola. Maybe Peckoltia L278? The slender body also points at something like Ancistomus, maybe L210? I don't know but L278 is my top guess.

I hope someone else (@Acanthicus ?) recognizes it.

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Re: Re: Can someone ID my pleco

Post by Acanthicus »


based on the second picture I put my money on Ancistomus wernekei, it is quite a good match. L 278 is a typical Peckoltia and more bulky than your specimen. L 210 does look very similar, but it is is more than unlikely that you will get a fish from Rondonia without knowing what it is or at least a trading name on it, not a very typical place to get fish from these days.
On the other side, A. wernekei get imported as bycatches more or less regularly and show up in shipments from Colombia now and then.
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