Need some Help Identifying this Pleco

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Need some Help Identifying this Pleco

Post by FinchvilleAqua »

Got an order of these little fellas. Just wondering what they really are. Were supposed to L-144a. Definitely not.
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Re: Need some Help Identifying this Pleco

Post by bekateen »

Hi FinchvilleAqua,

Welcome to PlanetCatfish!

From that photo, obviously this fish is very young. Honestly, it looks like a baby common bristlenose to me. Sounds like a store was selling you something that doesn't exist. If you go to the page on L144, you'll read it no longer exists in the hobby, although lots of albino common bristlenoses and line-bred color variants of them (and long-fin variants too) are sold as L144. If you search our forums for references to L144a (which is not a DATZ-assigned name to begin with), you'll see it has been used to sell normal color (brownish) common BNs as if they are the natural color from which yellow (albino) L144 are derived. That's not likely factual either (I mean that the fish are wild-type (vs. albino) L144). They're just common BNs.

All that said, if you can get more information from the seller, that may shed light on why they are calling it L144a.

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