Cryptic Mexican Ictalurus

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Cryptic Mexican Ictalurus

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Ballesteros-Córdova, CA, M Castañeda-Rivera, JM Grijalva-Chon, RA Castillo-Gámez, LE Gutiérrez-Millán, F Camarena-Rosales, G Ruíz-Campos & A Varela-Romero, 2015. Complete mitochondrial genome of Ictalurus pricei (Teleostei: Ictaluridae) and evidence of a cryptic Ictalurus species in Northwest Mexico. Mitochondrial DNA doi: 10.3109/19401736.2015.1089561.


The nominal Yaqui catfish, Ictalurus pricei, is a species of Ictaluridae (Siluriformes) often recorded from Northwest Mexico. Southern distribution members of the I. pricei complex in Northwest Mexico include at least one undescribed species that differs from Yaqui catfish in morphological features, herein called “Sinaloa Catfish”. Sequencing of four geographical mitogenome haplotypes of Yaqui catfish and Sinaloa catfish showed geographical haplotypes of I. pricei within a clade of specific identity, close to Sinaloa catfish haplotypes. Our molecular phylogeny represents a working hypothesis supporting information on the evolutionary relationships of the Ictalurus species from Western Mexico and Western USA.
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