Pareuchiloglanis chui, new species

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Pareuchiloglanis chui, new species

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Li, X., Dao, W. & W. Zhou. 2020. Type locality and species identity of Pareuchiloglanis sinensis (Hora & Silas), with a description of a new species of the genus from the upper Yangtze River basin in Southern China.
Journal Fish Biology, First published: 21 June 2020. ... /jfb.14438

Pareuchiloglanis chui new species
The genus Pareuchiloglanis , distributed in the Salween, Mekong, Red, Pearl, and Yangtze River basins in China, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam consists of 20 valid species and five uncertain species. Herein, we provided a taxonomic revision to Pareuchiloglanis occurring in the Yangtze River. According to the results of a morphological comparison, the type locality of Pareuchiloglanis sinensis was updated to the Nanpan‐jiang (the upper Pearl River) basin; five species were identified in Pareuchiloglanis from the Yangtze River basin. Specimens formerly identified as P. sinensis from this basin were described as a new species, P. chui sp. nov. Moreover, P. tianquanensis was synonymized with P. sichuanensis . We provided a key to these two species and three others (P. anteanalis, P. hupingshanensis and P. robusta ) from the Yangtze River basin, including information about their geographical distribution. These findings provide insight for future studies on the evolution, distribution, and taxonomy of this genus.
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