New Tachysurus

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New Tachysurus

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Cheng, J-L, W-H Shao, J Andrés López & E Zhang, 2021. Tachysurus lani, a new catfish species (Teleostei: Bagridae) from the Pearl River basin, South China. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters doi:10.23788/IEF-1156


Tachysurus lani, a new bagrid catfish, is here described from the Liu-Jiang discharging into the Zhu-Jiang basin of Guangxi Province, South China. It belongs in a species group characterized by having a smooth anterior edge of the pectoral-fin spine, short maxillary barbels not extending to the base of the pectoral-fin spine, and a rounded, truncate or slightly emarginate caudal fin. This new species is distinguished from all other species of this group by having a unique combination of the following characters: a slightly serrated posterior margin of the dorsal- fin spine, a narrow interspace between the supraoccipital process and nuchal plate, a broadly rounded caudal fin with a wide white mark along the distal edge, pelvic fins inserted nearly midway from the snout tip to the caudal-fin base or slightly moved backwards, and nasal barbels extending not beyond the posterior edge of the eye. Comments on the identity of T. albomarginatus and T. tenuis are also provided.
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