Pectoral-fin glands in Brachyrhamdia

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Pectoral-fin glands in Brachyrhamdia

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Carvalho, TI, J Klaczko & V Slobodian, 2021. Pectoral-fin glands and delivery apparatus in the catfish genus Brachyrhamdia Myers, 1927 (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae). Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia 61:e20216174.


The Siluriformes, popularly known as catfishes, are probably the vertebrate group with the highest diversity of venomous animals, even though only approximately a hundred venomous catfishes are reported to date. Venomous catfishes might present a delivery system apparatus, formed by an unbranched ray at the leading edge of pectoral and dorsal fins (spine), which can be stiffened and pungent, while venom glands can be present at the surface of such spines and/or the axillary region. This work investigated the presence, morphology and distribution of glands and pectoral-fin delivery apparatus in the heptapterid Brachyrhamdia genus. Pectoral-fin spine external morphology was compared across all valid species in the genus, histological sections of the pectoral-fin spine and axillary regions of B. heteropleura and B. marthae were produced, and dissections of the pectoral girdle region of the mentioned species were analyzed. The histological sections confirmed the presence of pectoral-fin glands at the surface of the pectoral-fin spine of Brachyrhamdia species, and cellular morphology indicates these glands are probably venomous. Also, we found a piriform gland at the axillary region, whose cell morphology is like the reported for other catfishes. However, we cannot currently confirm or deny axillary gland participation in the venom delivery apparatus. This work constitutes the first report of venom glands in Brachyrhamdia, and the first description of Heptapteridae axillary glands.
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Re: Pectoral-fin glands in Brachyrhamdia

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Athough I've kept Brachyrhamdia, I did not know they are venomous

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