Hypostomus from Suriname

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Karsten S.
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Hypostomus from Suriname

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I just saw that you are lacking some Hypostomus pictures in your DB.

Hypostomus micromaculatus, Gran Rio, Suriname

Hypostomus corantijni, Nickerie river, Suriname (H. nickeriensis being a synonym of H. corantijni)

Hypostomus plecostomus, Marshall creek (Suriname river drainage), Suriname

For the pictures in our DB for H. plecostomus it would be interesting to know where those came from, I'm quite sure that they are not all H. plecostomus, perhaps even none.

Hypostomus coppenamensis, Coppename river, Suriname


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Re: Hypostomus from Suriname

Post by Jools »

These great pics have been added to the site which adds some "faces to the names" for a couple of spp. which is brilliant!

Thanks Karsten,

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