Tetra ammonia detox

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Tetra ammonia detox

Post by Rocket »

Hi guys

I was just wondering if any of you have ever used this product?

Friends of mine run a LFS and receive fish imports with high ammonia levels (as expected) every week. This often results in fish loss and they were wondering if this product would be any use at helping to combat fish stress on arrival.

It'll probably be a case of trying it and seeing but if anyone has used it, your comments would be appreciated.


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Re: Tetra ammonia detox

Post by Shane »

Similar products have been around for years. 99% of the time a partial water change to lower ammonia levels is the far better solution. I have used these products when transporting newly collected fishes great distances with no ability to do water changes, but few aquarists find themselves transporting fishes over several days with no access to water.
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