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A members area where you can introduce yourself, discuss anything outwith catfish and generally get to know each other.
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Post by Sitten1115 »

Hey! I’m a bit of a catfish fanatic and have a few species in my own tank (might get help to double check my bumblebee species because wow there’s a lot that look similar and they were from petsmart). Wouldn’t hurt to double check my banjo species as there’s a few of those that look similar too. I’m mostly here to browse and save species I might consider for my tanks but I might engage in discussion too depending on my mood.
I also have an albino bristlenose catfish and some peppered Cory cats. Gotta double check if my khulis count as I did see the word loach when quickly browsing the species list.
Wow none of my normal pfp fit the guidelines so I guess I’ll use this fusion sprite I got.

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Post by bekateen »

Hi! Welcome to Planetcatfish!

Cheers, Eric
"So many catfishes, so little time... and space... and money." - I said this after visiting Pier Aquatics.
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Post by Viktor Jarikov »

Welcome to the Planet! Looking forward to your contributions.

As far as I know loaches are cyprinids, not silurids for sure.

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Post by Jools »

Yeah, they're now in the family Cobatidae, - so not catfishes but one of my favourites too...


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