Vol 1 of IEF?

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Vol 1 of IEF?

Post by retro_gk »

Anyone have a copy of, or have access to, Vol 1 of Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters? I would be grateful for a copy of

Skelton, P.H. & White, P.N. (1990) Two new species of Synodontis (Pisces: Siluroidei: Mochokidae) from southern Africa. Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters, 1, 277–287.

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Re: Vol 1 of IEF?

Post by Jools »

I would be interested in this too. Which two species are these - I might have other works by Skelton...

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Re: Vol 1 of IEF?

Post by Shane »

Synodontis vanderwaali Okavango, Namibia
Synodontis macrostoma Upper Zambezi, Namibia

It does not seem to be available online in its entirety.
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Re: Vol 1 of IEF?

Post by Silurus »

I have a hard copy. Just need to find the time to digitize it.
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