FS 5 F1 L173 2.25"-2.75" Pick-up 10549 NY- Limited Shipping

Items for sale in the United States of America and Canada.
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FS 5 F1 L173 2.25"-2.75" Pick-up 10549 NY- Limited Shipping

Post by TwoTankAmin »

Group of 5 True F1 L173 - Unsexed:

Sizes TL: 2.25” to 2.75”
Born & raised in my tanks: pH 7.0, TDS low 80s ppm, temp. 82-86 F.
Bonus--> You will get an additional, quality L173 1 5/8 inch (+/- 1/8 in.) TL of my choice.

PRICE: $1,200
(I will donate $120 from the above to Planetcatfish.)

POST SALE SUPPORT is available for the next year unless I am unable for health reasons including death (mine not the fish as I am sworn not to reveal how to spawn dead fish).

CONTACT INFO Via Site PM or via email--> twotankamin at protonmail dot com.
(I do not own a smart phone and do not text.)

PICTURES shot in a 2.5 gal. photo tank. The fish don’t hold still & I am a poor photographer. I was unable to shoot all the fish in a single shot. I think the pics below cover all 5 fish.


They can be PICKED UP in zip code 10549 (about 40 mi NNE of Manhattan, NYC). This can take place on our screened terrace- 3 walls are screens- it is essentially outdoors. Only I and my brother live here- we are both fully vaccinated re Covid.
A MEET may be possible depending on the distance.

I can only SHIP if you can email me a shipping label I can print. It must be for a major shipper with an account cleared to ship fish. I will supply the box dimensions, weight and my needed info. You handle shipping charges. I offer the standard live arrival guarantee if you use FedEx or UPS. I can ship USPS Express Mail, but I cannot guarantee live arrival with them.

This sale is at a discount from my normal pricing and is intended for site members registered before Aug. 27, 2021.
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Re: FS 5 F1 L173 2.25"-2.75" Pick-up 10549 NY- Limited Shipping

Post by bekateen »

This is an offer that locals should not pass up. <3
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Re: FS 5 F1 L173 2.25"-2.75" Pick-up 10549 NY- Limited Shipping

Post by Captainandy »

Sold to me
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