Longfin Snow white ancistrus

Items sought in the United States of America and Canada
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Longfin Snow white ancistrus

Post by discman »

I am trying to find some longfin snow white ancistrus.
Can anyone tell me where I can find some?
Not albinos.

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Re: Longfin Snow white ancistrus

Post by LarsB52402 »

I had almost white LF ancistrus, years ago, and would also really like to find some! The guy I got them from was later working on BE white LF. But I lost that line I had.
There are a couple swaps coming up in the Quad cities (*Iowa) in Feb and April, so I will be there checking it out!

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Re: Longfin Snow white ancistrus

Post by JasonGoneFishing »

I hope to have some in a month, friend of mine bred them and has a lot, just need them to be a certain size before I buy and ship out.
https://jasonsplecoscichlids.com/produc ... tock-fish/

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