WTT Lots of Americans

Items for sale in Australia.
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WTT Lots of Americans

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Ok have lots of Americans to trade am chasing Breeding pairs peppermints Marble longfins and a variety of L numbers. Not 202's as I have 20 already unless they are a breeding pair.
Alright so here is a list of what i have to trade with

2 large breeding pairs of veja Fenestratus at a guess are close to 30cm but can check for proper measurements if interested just so big dont want to bother them

Geophagus Brachys 8 at 16cm and 4 a little smaller around 12cm

Geophagus Tapajos there are 16 of these gorgeous geos they are all around 12cm mark One pair of them i paid $120 for from Patrina from the auctions.

Have 1 lonely but stunning greenhorse face at 14cm

Blue Acaras have 8 at 5-7cm and 6 at 9-16cm Orange finned and White finned

Balloon Rams have 4 of

2 Nice big Jags at 18cm colouring is nice

Rivulatus 15 sitting at 5-7cm two bigger ones that we are pretty sure are females 1 is 15cm the other is 16cm.

Bay Snooks 4 all up. think the two bigger ones that are 21cm and 22cm have paired off and 2 smaller which were sold to me as girls are 15cm and 16cm

4 dwarf cichlids which i unfortunately can not think of there name at all.

3 Parrot cichlids not the blood reds havent sized but again can if interested.
and last of all 2 paradise fish sold to me as a breeding pair havent bred but in community tank.

I have got sold to me as a breeding pair of Large Black Belts and have got a Big Male gold severum and smaller female as well.

If interested I can send pics too much here to post pics with add. I am not after cash but will consider with the right offers. Please feel free to pm or ring on 0434383586 can even text.
Please know I have spent alot of money on these fish.
regards rosie and lee
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