Sweet Knowle Aquatics Stock List SEP 2016

Items for sale in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
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Sweet Knowle Aquatics Stock List SEP 2016

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We are proud to offer fish of the highest quality that are all fully quarantined for a minimum of two weeks in our purpose built quarantine facilities. More delicate species (in particular wild-caught fish) are afforded a full acclimatization period during and after quarantining to ensure that they are not only in the best possible health when offered for sale but that they are also fully adjusted to our water/conditions and equally as important that they are all eating readily and on a variety of foods.


Black Neon Tetra
Gold Tetra - Wild
Colombian Red & Blue Tetra
Black Phantom Tetra
Silver-Tipped Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Head and Tail Light Tetra
Diamond Tetra
Emperor Tetra
Neon Tetra
Diamond Neon Tetra
Lemon Tetra
Blue Tetra
Glowlight Tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra
Congo Tetra
Orange Tetra
Peru 'Bleeding Blue' Tetra
Super Blue" Emperor Tetra
Grey Leporinus
Short-Finned Congo Tetra
White Fin Tetra
Veilfin Tetra
Red-Line Tetra
Gold Tetra
Black Emperor Tetra
Red Striped Moenkhausia
Blood Tetra
Rummy Nose Tetra
Rosy Tetra
Red Belly X-Ray Fish
Blind Cavefish
Long-Finned Characin
Penguin Fish
Black Widow Tetra
Ember Tetra
Ruby Tetra

Danios, Devarios & Minnows

Leopard Danio
Glowlight Danio
Pearl Danio
Orange-finned 'Danio'
Zebra Danio
Vietnamese Minnow
Long-Fin White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Fireline Devario
Long-Fin Leopard Danio
Golden White Cloud

Livebearers includes Platy, swordtail, endler's...

Showa Tri-Colour Platy
Female Guppy
Endler's Livebearer (male)
Leopard Tail Guppy
Pineapple Swordtail
Mixed Male Guppy
Flame Guppy
Pingu / Bumble Bee Guppy
Blue Diamond Guppy
Three Colour Showa Swordtail
Tiger Endler Guppy
Yellow Tuxedo Guppy
Blood Red Platy
Blonde Red Guppy
Black Molly
Midnight Blue Guppy
Magenta Endler
Endler's Livebearer (True F1)
Endler's Livebearer (female)
Mickey Mouse Platy
Red Tuxedo Platy


Kribensis (4 - 5cm)
Keyhole Cichlid
Blue Ram
Gold Ram
Triple Red Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid
Panda Dwarf Cichlid
Fire-Red Agassizi
Ocellated Kribensis "Matadi"
Apistogramma viejita II
Red Nigerian Kribensis
"Dehane" Striped Kribensis

Lake Tanganyika & Malawi Cichlids

Red Zebra Cichlid (4-6cm)
Yellow Dorsal Afra (Jalo Reef) (4-6cm)
Cobalt Blue Zebra Cichlid (3-5cm)
Demasoni Cichlid (3-5cm)
Blue Dolphin Cichlid (4 - 6cm)
Venustus Cichlid (5- 7cm)
Auratus Cichlid (4-6cm)
Electric Blue Hap (5-7cm)
"Hongi" (Puulu Island) (3 - 5cm)
Elongatus Mpanga Cichlid (4-6cm)
Super VC-10 Hap (6-8cm)
Yellow Fin Borleyi (7-9cm)
Frontosa Cichlid (3-5cm)
Brevis Shell Dweller (3-4cm)
Mixed Malawi Cichlids (10-12+ cm)
Mixed Malawi Cichlids (6-10cm)
Striped Julie (3-5cm)
Rusty Cichlid (4-6cm)
Hornet Cichlid (5-7cm)
Rubin Red Cichlid (5-7cm)
Orange Blotched Zebra (4-6cm)
Red-Top Trewavasae F1 (4 - 6cm)
Golden Zebra Cichlid
Taiwan Reef Cichlid (5-7cm)
Ob Peacock Cichlid (8-10cm)
Sulphar-Crested Lithobate (4-6cm)
Livingston's Hap (4-6cm)
Powder Blue Cichlid (4-6cm)
White Tail Acei (4 - 6cm)
Saulos's Mbuna 'Coral Red' (4 - 6cm)
Chipokae Mbuna F1 (4 - 6cm)
Dinghani (4 - 6cm)
Maingano Cichlid (4-6cm)
Red Horseface Cichlid (5-7cm)
Yellow Fairy Fin Cichlid / Daffodil (4-6cm)
Mixed Malawi Cichlids (3 - 5cm)
Red Dragon (7-10cm)
Chilumba" Orange (5-7cm)
Electric Yellow Lab (4 - 6cm) (Black back)
Red-Top Ice Blue (5-7cm)
Checkered Julie (4 - 6cm)
Brichardi (3-5cm)
Ngara Flametail (6-8cm)
Burton's Mouthbrooder (4-6 cm)
Maylandia livingstonii 'Nakantenga Island' F1 (4-6cm)
Blue Fire Cichlid (4-6 cm)
Cobue" Dogtooth Cichlid (3 -5cm)
Red Fin Borleyi (6-8cm)
Malawi Sand Diver (3-5cm)
Gold Ocellated Shell-Dweller (3-5cm)
Aurora Cichlid (5 - 7cm)
Lemon Cichlid (Orange Morph) (3 - 5cm)
Yellow Tail Acei (4-6cm)

Loaches, Garra & Sharks

Rosy Loach
Siamese Algae Eater
Silver Shark / Bala Shark
Kuhli Loach
Clown Loach (6 - 8cm)
Inle Loach
Tri-Band Orange Sumo Loach


Pinoy Blue Angelfish
Gold Diamond Angelfish (7-9cm)
Black Marble Angelfish
Zebra Angelfish


Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish
Red Rainbowfish
Western Splendid Rainbowfish
Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish
Sentani Rainbowfish
Red Boeseman's Rainbowfish
McCulloch's Rainbowfish
Goyder River Rainbowfish
Emerald Rainbowfish

PLECO L-Numbers

L020 7-9cm
L24 12-14cm
L25 12-14cm
L027c 15cm
L29/L27 7-9cm
L47 10_12cm
L066 All sizes
L075/L124/l301/LDA02 5-7cm
L096/L160 15cm
L100 4-6cm
L104/LDA022/L162 4-6cm
L114 4-6cm or 9 to 10cm or 12 to 14cm
L119 4-6cm
L128 4-6cm
L134 8-10cm
L137 4-6cm
L168 5-7cm
L191 12-14cm
L200 5-7cm
L201 4-6cm
L215 8-9cm
L273 12-14cm
L304 4-6cm
L387 8-10cm
L450 2-4cm
Golden vampire pleco

A larger stock list is available on our webshop http://shop.sweetknowleaquatics.co.uk/

For more information about us please visit our website https://www.sweetknowleaquatics.co.uk

Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Kn ... 7271887640

Twitter https://twitter.com/Sweet_Knowle Tel: 01789 450036
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