Displaying as an interactive maps by countries or regions

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Displaying as an interactive maps by countries or regions

Post by Vandandorj »

Hi I am newbie here
Can this site data such as number of registered catfish keepers, number of available fish for sale or number of fish species kept in aquariums by countries or region be displayed as an interactive map? I do love such kind of easy exploring, instead of reading a lots of words which makes it boring and old fashioned.
If so, it would be great to see things in big in hand. I believe many of you would also like it.
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Re: Displaying as an interactive maps by countries or regions

Post by bekateen »

Hi Vandandorj,
Welcome to PlanetCatfish!

Thanks for sharing your idea. I like it.

A few years back, when I first joined this website, the member list could be sorted by location, but when the company that makes the program used to run the site updated the software, that functionality was abandoned by the programmer. And while there are a number of mapped features on this website, to my knowledge none of them are "interactive." They are simply static displays. So I don't know if such a map (as you requested) is possible, but like you, I'm also interested in knowing how many other catfish fanatics are near me, in case we can trade ideas (or baby fish ;-) ).

Cheers, Eric
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