IUCN Red List info in the Cat-eLog?

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Re: IUCN Red List info in the Cat-eLog?

Post by panaque »

It is worth noting that until recently very few freshwater species had been assessed. There has been a drive in recent years to address this (and other biases). I've been involved in some of this for the Sundaic freshwater fish (together with Silurus and many others) where about 1/3 species ended up in 'threatened' categories (vulnerable or worse) and another 1/3 in 'data deficient' (not enough known to assess them) - it's a fair assumption that the latter group will contain a high percentage of threatened species too. My understanding is that the numbers are no better in other parts of the world. Freshwater ecosystems are under a lot of pressure everywhere.
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Re: IUCN Red List info in the Cat-eLog?

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Fresh water ecosystems are small, and very nearby live people, who really need the water.

So, yes, one would expect almost all sweet water species to be worth assessing.

If they are not vulnerable due to their small area there is human interference. And most often both.
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