Hemiloricaria vs. Rineloricaria

Incorrect ID? New info to be added, taxonomic revisions and any kind of changes to the data we currently hold in here please!
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Hemiloricaria vs. Rineloricaria

Post by racoll »

As discussed in this thread: this thread, the loricariids currently in Hemiloricaria and Rineloricaria need to be reassessed following Raph Covain's advice.
Raph wrote:I consider Hemiloricaria a junior synonym of Rineloricaria
Is it just a case of moving all Hemiloricaria into Rineloricaria?
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Re: Hemiloricaria vs. Rineloricaria

Post by Shane »

It is really up to Jools. They currently follow Ferraris 2007 in the cat-elog. Rodriguez & Reis (2008) keeps them seperate as does the description of Rineloricaria langei and R. maacki, which were both published after Raph's paper. On the other hand Rapp Py-Daniel and Ilana Fichberg published in 2008 and followed Raph's paper. No right or wrong on this one... just differing opinions.

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