Hypostomus commersoni

Incorrect ID? New info to be added, taxonomic revisions and any kind of changes to the data we currently hold in here please!
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Karsten S.
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Hypostomus commersoni

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pictures 6-9 on the species page are in fact Hypostomus spiniger. It's rather outside distribution range for H. commersoni and the last picture with the adult is without any doubt not H. commersoni.


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Re: Hypostomus commersoni

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Hmmmm. We don't even have Hypostomus spiniger as a species in the CLOG, only as a synonym. I'll fix that.

Thanks, Eric

... nope, I won't fix it yet. Bug in the code. :-(
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Re: Hypostomus commersoni

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Fixed the bug... ;-)

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