Breeding report Contradiction

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Breeding report Contradiction

Post by TwoTankAmin »

I was looking information on Corydoras eques and I ran into this on the sie's species page:

Breeding Unreported.
Breeding Reports There are 5 breeding reports, read them all here.

Now this seems to me to be a contradiction.

Either the Unreported comment is incorrect or else there are five breeding reports that may not be true accurate. The only reasons for this that I can think of for this are:

1. A Breeding Report is something that is not verified and may not be accurate.
2. Breeding should be redefined as Verified Breeding. How it would be verified is another story.
3. Breeding Reports should be redefined as Unverified Breeding Reports.

Just a thought for whatever it is worth. The only time I have filed a breeding report was for my L173. Not many folks had these fish or were breeding them at the time so I wanted to list them. I have had a number of plecos and corys spawn in my tanks over the years that I did not report.

In fact the first cory that spawned in one of my community tanks were pandas. I only knew this because there were panda fry and swordtail fry under my under-gravel filter plate. I used and RUGF and to pull the intake sponge the easiest way wast to detach the powerhead. Often when I did this it removed the "uplift" tube from the plate as well. Apparently the fry found their way into the opening before I returned it all to the tank. They were the only fry to survive as this was a community tank where most fry instantly went onto the lunch menu.
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Re: Breeding report Contradiction

Post by bekateen »

Thanks TTA. I've submitted an edit to indicate spawning has occurred.

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