New Colombian Zebra sick

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New Colombian Zebra sick

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New Pleco owner of a zebra and he’s not doing well already. I’ve had him less than a week and can’t figure out how to help him. He’s not eating and color is fading in and out and some white spots come and go. Tank mates: a white betta, 4 albino Danios, 3 shrimp, 4 snails. Plants: dwarf hairgrass, Madagascar lace, tiger lotus, lucky bamboo, alt. Renikii bonsai tree. Co2 injection, Fluval 307 canister filter on a 55gal tank. Just did a water change when I got him. Dosing water with Iron daily and flourish 3times a week.
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Re: New Colombian Zebra sick

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Firstly, welcome to PlanetCatfish!
Sorry to hear you're having problems. Can you confirm we are talking about the same fish? Hypancistrus debilittera?
What's your water temperature? Have you tested the water for levels of Nitrite/Ammonia/Nitrate?
Have you been back to the store to see how their fish are doing? You may find there's an issue with the batch, so if it's close by, worth a visit.
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