cooking recipe for catfish

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cooking recipe for catfish

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given that Repashy for fish (and some of those for reptiles) have become impossible to find in France because of animal meal (same problem with beef heart for fish), I find myself having to make my own food for my fish.

For all that is tetras and guppy I feed with flakes so no worries. But for catfish it's more complicated. I used to give them frozen food (daphnia, mysis, bloodworms, oxheart) but as it is more and more difficult to find I would like to make my own food in order to avoid any worries in waiting for the Repashy to be back.

I diversify as much as I can with pellets from different brands but that does not replace the "fresh" food I used to give them.

Do you have any recipes to share?

The main ones concerned are:
Hemiancistrus subvirridis
Synodontis nigriventris
Hypancistrus delibittera L129
Corydoras (aeneus, sterbai, paleatus, leucomelas, reticulatus)

In non-catfish:
Pangio kuhli
Pangio oblonga

I already have this recipe that they like but I would like to vary as much as possible:
-a gutted trout (about 250g)
-2g of agar-agar
-a tablespoon of vitamin supplement

This recipe does not look very balanced so I do not give it all the time.

How do you build your recipes?
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