BEFORE you post in this forum, read THIS!

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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BEFORE you post in this forum, read THIS!

Post by Barbie »

In order to try to reduce the constant need for requests for more information, we've assembled a list of things that are going to be necessary for you to get the help you need in the lori forum.

If you are planning to post about a fish that is ill, please remember to provide as MUCH of this information as possible. If you can, a picture would be a great help. We can't help you without the information necessary to get a complete picture.

1. Water parameters
a) Temperature range.
b) pH.
c) GH.
d) KH
e)Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, levels.
f) Water change frequency
(Most LFS's will check your water and give a list of readings).

2. Tank set up
a) Size.
b) Substrate.
c) Filtration.
d) Furnishings.
e) Other tank mates.
f) How long has it been set-up?
g) When was the last new fish added?
h) Foods used and frequency?

3. Symptoms / Problem description

4. Action taken (if any)

5. Medications used (if any)

Any posts without this sort of information will only slow down our ability to give you the help you want. Please help us help you.

If your plecos have spawned and you need help, please give as much information as you can about how old the eggs are, what the tank parameters are, along with the type of fish spawned, and other tank inhabitants. The more information you give us, the more help we can give you.

If you have questions about a specific L# PLEASE check the cat elog, Shanes world, and the iCOSA ancistrinae internet lecture, before posting your question. (All of which can be found in the navigation bar at the top of the page.) There are volumes of great information in there, and the articles will be more complete than any reply to a post, not to mention wasting time on something that's already been done quite well.

If you want to know how to spawn your zebra plecos, look HERE first.

If you want to know how big gold nugget plecos get, look HERE first.

If you have been looking for blue eyed plecos, look HERE and HERE

If the question you need answered isn't addressed in this post, and you've already read the site information, you can also try doing a SEARCH or browsing the FAQ section. If you don't see a question in the FAQ that you think should be addressed, add it! We value your input. You are, after all, the people that make the difference here, our Members!

Thank you :D


(and thanks Ian for the bit I plagarized from your cory section :lol: )
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