bloated, blisters, bushynose

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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bloated, blisters, bushynose

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bushynose pleco, bloated, and has blisters on his body 6 of them, cant get a pic now. he WAS breathing heavy, but seems to be breathing better after 5 days of treatment, but he still look bloated & still has blisters, i treated with Minocycline, and General Cure (Prazi & metro). he is in a treatment tank.
he is my only sick fish.
should I keep him in quarentine? I added two dither fish (guppys) when I put him in the treatment tank to keep him company
should i treat with anything else?

his regular tank has NO other visibly ill fish.
he is at least 4 years old & he,his 11 siblings & parents have been with me since the beginning of their lives, he & siblings all born with me.

his regular tank is 0 ammonia, nitrites 0, nitrates 10. hardness from my tap is 8

anacharis & partially submerged pathos, substrate is fluorite.
tank is 65 in long, 24 deep, 20 high. 80 % water changes once a month, fluval canister filters cleaned every 6 or 7 weeks
tank mates 11 other bushynose, 10 guppies, 1 goldfish, 2 synodontis eupt.

only thing that changed recently was a huge thick 63 inch long piece of oak wood from my yard was added. i've often added small pieces, they chew it up, i remove it. this time, after i saw how sick he was, i removed the wood, cleaned the filters and did a vacuum and 80% water change.
the pathos plant is new too., just the stem and leaves.
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