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Ancistrus Claro/LDA008

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 6:19 pm
by Rocco

I have wanted to keep Ancistrus Claro for a while now but was unable to find them in the Netherlands. However, recently I came across an ad from someone who is breeding these fish! I would really like to keep them (and I would also like to make an attempt at breeding them). They are so cool! But first, I have a few questions.

Unfortunately, I only have two aquariums: a 29 gallon (110 liter) community tank with guppys, zebra danios and a common bristlenose pleco and a 14.3 gallon (54 liter) cherry shrimp tank. Both tanks are heavily planted. Because my parents think I have enough pets at the moment as I will start college in a few years, the chances of them allowing me to get another tank are slim. So I was wondering if I would be able to keep them in the tanks I currently run. I think I could keep one in the shrimp tank but I'm not sure whether it is big enough for one, let alone a group if I would want to breed. And I'm also not sure they would leave the shrimp alone. I think my 29 gallon would get a bit overcrowded, even though the filtration is very good. What are your thoughts on that?

If I would be allowed to get a new tank, what would be a good size for a group of these fish? And how big would the group ideally be? I understand that I will need good filtration and water changes to keep a group.

I also have a few questions regarding the breeding, as I have never bred catfish before. Would this be a good fish to breed? Or will I most likely struggle? I was also wondering if I would need a grow out tank for fry. Is this true? And how big should it be?

These are my questions for now. Hopefully you can help me.

Re: Ancistrus Claro/LDA008

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:47 am
by Birger
My suggestion is to put them in the established 29 gal.take the current BN out though.
at least a trio of claro, one male 2 females...or more.The dominant male will protect a cave from the start.I use a upsidedown flower pot dish at 3 inch diameter.
They are a great little fish and you do not have to do much for them to spawn.I find them better if you just keep the water conditions stable.regular water changes. Give them time without changing much, dont mess with the conditions, I used ph. of 7.8 and a temp of 24 C.After a couple months they will spawn.I fed mine canned green beans and zuchini.

Re: Ancistrus Claro/LDA008

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 6:48 pm
by Rocco
Thank you for the response!

I would preferably keep the current BN, because she is my favourite fish at the moment. And also since I'm planning on getting another pleco or catfish for the 29 gallon I'd rather keep that option open.

So if I were to get permission for another tank. What size would be suitable for 3 (or 4) ancistrus claro, given that they would be the only inhabitants of the tank? Would a tank with base dimentions of 24x12 inches suffice? I understand that the rule of the bigger the better also applies here.