L240 size

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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L240 size

Post by Chuunofish »

Hi, the kind folk here have identified my pleco as a L240. I have had it for 9months and it has not changed in size, it is still only around 6" / 15cm. I understand they grow to around 24cm, does anyone know over what time.
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Re: L240 size

Post by MissNoodle »

Apparently they are very slow growers, someone else told me it took 5 years for theirs to reach 6 inches even.

Ive got one that's over a year old before I bought him, he is barely just getting into the 4 inch range

Lovely plecos, I adore mine. So enjoy! He will take some time to grow larger, unlike some of the more common larger plecos
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Re: L240 size

Post by meck3427 »

Mine took 2 years to go from 4" to 6". Is in a 125 with other plecos and gets fed heavy. Like any of the large plecos, head room to grow and good food. Are you feeding after lights out?
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Re: L240 size

Post by Andrewjw »

My breeders have been about 6 inches for a while....i think this is about max size....maybe my biggest male is 7.

However, i think your fish is L-007, based on the black band on the trailing edge of the dorsal and caudal fins that 240 has and yours doesn't. Still gets to be the same size as i understand it.
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