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L262 x L260 hybrid

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:13 pm
by MikeNguyen
Hello from Vietnam,
I am glad to be the first one from my place to present you my "lucky" tank with 3 L260 (at least 2 females) and an alpha male L262 which I got it from an enthusiast' clearing.
They are about 8-9 cm when started to breed last year. The thing was that somehow late member (L262) take over the tank and the females with residents and breed a few times last year. I do keep 1-2 youngsters for each breeding colony.
Now I am proud to share some pictures of them after over a year or so.
The hybrids take the appearance of their father L262 but some do have a bit influence of 260.
Tank condition is 60*40*40cm (90L)
Temp 28-29, pH#7, TDS~130-140.
This year still waiting for their spawning.
Hopefully still lucky enough.