Dianema urostriatum showing signs of spawning

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Re: Dianema urostriatum showing signs of spawning

Post by snowball »

Several years later, another tank and a new group of Diamena.

The tank (garden tank 2 in my profile) has been set up for barely two weeks and the fish in it for just on one week, a group of 5 flagtails in with a bunch of corys. Temp 21 deg C, soft water with 30% water changes every other day; a daily feeding of live black worms. Sand substrate, floating leaf litter. One of the flagtails appears to be dominant over the others and rests at one end of the tank under the leaves. Noticed the other day at the surface, inverted at an angle taking gulps of air and expelling bubbles from gills under the leaves. I will continue to observe and document with photos where possible.
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Re: Dianema urostriatum showing signs of spawning

Post by Bwhiskered »

Put in a yellow plastic lid about 6" in diameter or water lily leaf. I had them spawn that way back in the 80's.
Good fish are spawned and raised in Burlington.
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